• 2011 Kallesoe Fiber Or Particle Board Presses in Poland

    $140,413 - Krasocin, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Kallesoe

    super efficient line for bonding plate danish producer kallesoe. yom, 2011. press for gluing boards of solid wood furniture company kallesoe first set of chains of buffer pallets of slats before fe...

  • 1969 DIEFFENBACHER Fiber Or Particle Board Presses in Germany

    No price - Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Manufacturer: DIEFFENBACHER

    dieffenbacher 6-storey plate press model hpug 3500 heating medium: hot water beschickaluminiumbleche: pairs dimensions: length 6940mm, it usable 6800mm width 3130mm, it usable 3100mm staerke 5-6mm ...

  • Dolan-Jenner Inds. 190 "Fiber-Lite" Fiber Optic Microscope Illuminator

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: Dolan-Jenner Inds

    the model 190 is a 30 watt, quartz halogen illumination system capable of delivering 10,000 foot candles of intense, cold illumination. the light source features a rugged, convection-cooled enclosu...

  • Stokes Presses Vintage Stokes Tablet Press Brochure

    No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI
    • Manufacturer: Stokes

    1941 brochure discussing industrial compacting presses and new technologies at that astics, ceramics, iron powders, carbon. at this time dual motion presses like f-4, t-4 and r-4 were special order...

  • Alpha Press Vintage Brochure for Alpha Compacting Presses

    No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI
    • Manufacturer: Alpha

    circa 1982 brochure featuring alpha hydraulic compacting presses for powder metal, ceramic, ferrite, carbon, teflon, etc. stock number: dpm-9992

  • Magnaflux GD-96 20" x 96" Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine

    No price - Kennedale, TX
    • Manufacturer: Magnaflux

    2400-amps continuous output, 5500-amps intermittent, 16" inside coil dia., with ultraviolet meters, magnaflux cabinet mounted, magnaflux type 28511 & 28531 ring featuring (5) okuma mcr double colum...


    $24,500 - Dodge Center, MN
    • Manufacturer: BLISS
    • Capacity: 75 TON
    • Stroke: 8"

    bliss (used) model fb75 obi backgeared press rated capacity,,,,,,,,,,,,, 75 ton stroke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8" ram adjustment,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3" shut height,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 21" strokes per minute,,,,,...


    $12,990 - Dodge Center, MN
    • Manufacturer: Johnson
    • Capacity: 80 TON
    • Stroke: 4"

    johnson (used) model 80bgac obi backgeared press rated capacity ............ 80 ton stroke .................... 4" shut height ............... 15-1/2" ram adjustment ............ 3-1/2" strokes per...


    $16,500 - Dodge Center, MN
    • Manufacturer: Johnson

    (used) johnson obi punch press model 60bc-ac 60 ton back geared air clutch and brake 4" stroke, 46 strokes per minute bed area r-l 32"; f-b 21"; opening in bed r-l 16"; l-r 11" die space 12-1/2"; r...


    $9,500 - Cleveland, OH
    • Manufacturer: PHI

    one (1) used phi hydraulic platen press, model 20r0808s-2uh0-x-x-s7-x, 20 ton capacity, with electrically heated platens, on board hydraulic system with resevoir and controls, 208 volt, 3 phase, se...