• LUST 70 BLOCK press for glue BINDER

    No price - Stuttgart, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Binder

    stuhlmann & lohmann system lust 70 screw press bed for laminated beams mechanically hand adjustable press production: for straight and curved beams total dimension length: 01. total 36 000 mm 0...

  • 2006 Comec Laminated Wood Press Romania

    No price - Sovata, Romania
    • Manufacturer: Comec

    division: woodworking machinery | condition info: used

  • Laminated Wood Press Romania

    No price - Miercurea Nirajului, Romania

      carpentry factory selling these machines used for press beams, planer 4 sides (7 working heads), normal milling machine, milling machine vertical axis thickness planing machine - translated with go...

    • Moulding Machines For Three- And Four-side Machining Romania

      No price - Toplița, Romania

        sell machines for wood ticks wining four sides with 8. fj car doors and windows made unicontrol for all wining circular cutting screw compressor press for laminated beams thickness sander extauxare...


        No price - Latvia
        • Manufacturer: COMPLETE PLANT

        laminated beam line, complete -- *** click video link below *** -- operation as follows: -- lumber infeed: dry lumber units are placed on infeed roller conveyors where they are transported into...