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  • Columbus veneer press type Vacuplus / 2900 x 1300 mm

        School machine vacuum press used manufactured by columbus type vacuplus built in 2015 masch.-no. nrp15048l table size 2900 x 1300 mm vacuum pump 25 m³/h 750 watt vacuum to 0,85 bar moveable required space ca. l...

        $6,718 (USD)
        Gerolzhofen, Germany
      • FM Racine Hydraulik briquetting press FVB 250 SRC

            Hochleistungspresse - schweizer hersteller used, top condition manufactured by fm racine hydraulik type fvb 250 src built in 2001 masch.-no. fvb 250 - 251 gs-approved ce tested for type examination gs-wood dust a...

            $23,454 (USD)
            Gerolzhofen, Germany
          • 1989 veneer pack edge glueing machine

            • Manufacturer: Edge

              Automatic veneer pack edge glueing machine veneer pack length: from 300 mm on veneer pack width: 40 to 400 mm veneer pack thickness: 10 to 80 mm feed speed: 30 m/min capacity, depending on pack length, ca. 3 to ...

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              Kortrijk, Belgium
            • 1998 vertical edge joint gluing press

              • Manufacturer: SCHAFBERGER + SPRÖDHOBER

                Vertical edge joint glueing press length: 3500 mm usefull height: 1500 mm. usefull thickness: 100 mm. 4 vertical hydraulic rams 2 frontal pneumatic clamps, movable over the length of the press

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                Kortrijk, Belgium
              • 1987 BOBST Domino 90 #BO161110V

                • Manufacturer: Bobst

                  Longitudinal seam device electron. upper glueing unit with 2 glueing heads double upper disc glueing unit bottom disc glueing unit left pre-millling device left and right kicker counter pressing belt

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                  Magstadt, Germany
                • 1991 Jagenberg DIANA 90-2 #JA160220N

                  • Manufacturer: Jagenberg
                  • Model: DIANA 90-2

                    Longitudinal seam device bottom disc glueing unit left pre-millling device left and right counter kicker pressing belt digital position display code reader valco

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                    Magstadt, Germany
                  • 1992 Kolbus KM470

                    • Manufacturer: Kolbus

                      1 kolbus perfect binder km470 year of construction 1992 / 1995 hand feeding station 20 stations gatherer 801 (1995) in feed in perfect binder (1992 17 clamps) spine preparation station premelter hotmelt spine glu...

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                    • BÖCKLE roller pressing machine

                          BÖckle roller pressing machine with 1300 mm working width

                          $2,180 (USD)
                          Bayreuth, Germany
                        • 1987 Kolbus KM 470

                          • Manufacturer: Kolbus
                          • Model: KM 470

                            Kolbus km470 complete perfect binding line age: 1987 format: 390x310x60 mm equipment: gathering machine 18 feeder 7kblpb9fr 2x handfeeder km47059 perfect binder with 24 clamps book spine processing unit premelter...

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                          • Joos veneer press type HP 45 / 1800 x 900 mm

                            • Manufacturer: Joos

                              Used, good condition manufactured by joos type hp 45 built in 1980 ca. 1 shelf aluminium natur size of plate 1800 x 900 mm width of opening 400 mm safety bar bottom heating system electrical spez. pressing power ...

                              $5,775 (USD)
                              Gerolzhofen, Germany