• CEFLA Complete Lacquer Coating Print Line including BARGSTEDT Two-Track Pitless Placement In-Feed Loading System HKT--AEU431165

    • Manufacturer: Cefla

      cefla complete lacquer coating print line including bargstedt two-track pitless placement in-feed loading system, bütfering' optimat scr' 1350mm, wide belt sanders x 2, sorbini 'smart coater' roller coaters x 8 ...

      No price
      Hanhikoski, Finland
    • 2010 Beiren 3850 288

      • Manufacturer: Capacity

        22.776" cutoff (578.5mm) 38" web width (965mm): features: beiren 3850 printing units, 22.776" cutoff (578.5mm) 38" web width (965mm): graphc innovators offers the following model beiren printing units: beiren 384...

        No price
        Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
      • BARGSTEDT 'RTSP-410-D-25-12' Destacking System With turning station HKT--AEU431186

        • Manufacturer: Major

          bargstedt 'rtsp-410-d-25-12' destacking system with turning station, pallet infeed system, 2-track destacking pitless, type , serial no. 0-281-09-3249, (2008), (asset id 70)

          No price
          Hanhikoski, Finland
        • Inpak SL-10

          • Manufacturer: Inpak

            surlyn film is heated and vacuum formed to make a product shaped cavity. the product is manually loaded into the formed cavity. the printed and coated die-cut card is folded over the product filled cavity and the...

            No price
            Cleveland, OH, USA
          • Label Jet, Pressure Sensitive Labeler model 26200PP #54993p-

            • Manufacturer: JET Tools

              label jet, pressure sensitive labeler model 26200pp, print & apply, carbon roll type transfer printing, pneumatically operated tamp type label application, factory t stand with casters, 8' high column mounting yo...

              No price
              Kiefer, OK, USA
            • 2017 Rolbatch GmbH Laboratory PLASTOMETER – EQUIPMENT FOR TESTING OF MFI / MFR and MFI/MVR

                  plastometer – equipment for testing of mfi / mfr and mfi/mvr model rbm2 – mfi (mfr) works accrdingly with iso 1133 and astm-1238 description microprocessor controlled, liquid crystal screen displayed and key-pres...

                  No price
                • 2005 Horizon SPF 11 SH5055

                  • Manufacturer: Horizon
                    $5,759 (USD)
                    Ex Works Bucharest
                  • Longford Feeder Coupon Inserter C350 5G4336

                    • Manufacturer: Longford

                      longford model c350, friction feeder capable of feeding 50 to 450 thin sheets or multi-folded booklets per minute – depending on materials and application. product size range:1½" to 9" in length; 1½ to 7" in widt...

                      No price
                      Carol Stream, IL, USA
                    • Longford Feeder Coupon Inserter C350 5G4337

                      • Manufacturer: Longford

                        longford model c350 friction feeder. product dimensions:1½" to 9" in length; 1½ to 7" in width; 0.004" to 0.250" in thickness. equipped with 8"wide by 24"long magazine, multiple stage dispenser driven by servo d...

                        No price
                        Carol Stream, IL, USA
                      • 2002 MBO K 76 S - KIL/6 153

                        • Manufacturer: MBO

                          mbo combing machine combines 6 cassettes + 2 knives input width max. 76.0 cm format used max. 76.0 x 108.0 cm / min. 15.0 x 18.0 cm. folded format min. 15.0 x 6.0 cm.

                          $17,852 (USD)
                          Bucharest, Romania

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