• 2009 + Hix Trockner + Kompressor

    $64,968 - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: + Hix Trockner

    we sell our textile printing machine kornit 932 nds incl. hix continuous dryer np-3616. the pressure inspired by rich colors and high attention to detail. all kinds of textiles - from t-shirts, swe...

  • Cardioline ar600viewbt 3-Channel ECG

    $1,995 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cardioline

    the cardioline ar600viewbt 3-channel ecg includes 3 channels, preview screen, bluetooth, memory (20), interpretation, measurement, ecg analysis, arrhythmia, hrv and patient package (patient cable, ...

  • Roland MPX-90

    $3,866 - Pori, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Roland

    new roland mpx-90 engraved photographs, graphics and text directly to the metal. mpx-90 is a desktop printer to work with a suitable metal alloy surfaces timanttikärkipiirtimen places copies evenly...

  • 2012 XEROX 700 i digital printing machine

    No price - Romania
    • Manufacturer: Xerox

    resolution: 2400 x 2400dpi mech. speed: 70 ppm total prints: 54k test possible: yes subcategory: digital printing subcategory2: multi-colour equipment in excellent condition, like new! d...

  • 2006 Oce Varioprint VP 2090

    $2,074 - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Oce

    multifunctional digital copier, printer and scanner up to a3 + format resolution 600 dpi, led printhead with 125 lpi 85 a4 pages per minute full productivity in duplex mode paper capacity 5000 shee...

  • 1988 DNK - Printing Machine

    No price - Tokyo, Japan
    • Manufacturer: DNK

    8 color printing machine color taiyo 860 drying system gas winder un winder real dia 600 mm max web width 1100 mm

  • 1997 Mueller Martini Presto

    No price - Dabergotz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Müller Martini
    • Model: PRESTO

    saddle stitcher mueller martini is designed to run up to a maximum speed of 9000 copies per hour. its super fast computer guided make ready system, makes it an ideal machine for short to medium run...

  • 2006 Tenma Sesakusho S110-7C1847 Printing Machine

    No price - Tokyo, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Tenma Sesakusho

    6 color roto graver printing machine taiyo color con 950 m ii auto splice gas dryer winding ,unwinding dia 600 mm printing speed 180 m/min

  • 1987 Toshin TNR-12 Film / Paper Slitter

    No price - Tokyo, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Toshin

    max film size 1100 mm can be used for both paper and film

  • 1988 Toko Kikai SR-1200 Slitter

    No price - Tokyo, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Toko Kikai

    film slitter width 1100 mm tension control ,2 sets available