• 2001 Vakumix AG HM3000, ABW2100 & ABF1100 Process Plant Homogenizing Mixer

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Vakumix AG

    process plant homogenizing mixer vakumix ag hm3000, abw2100 & abf1100 new machine for sale is a high-quality processing plant vakumix hm 3000, abw 2100 & abf 1100 with platform, suitable for the pr...

  • 2007 Vakumix AG VHMS1250 & AB225 Process Plant Mixing Unit

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Vakumix AG

    process plant mixing unit vakumix ag vhms1250 & ab225 used machine for sale is a process plant vakumix 2 x vhms 1250 & 2 x ab 225 with platform suitable for the production of pharmaceutical and cos...

  • 2000 ZF Engineering, Gaulin UHT plant w. sterile tank f. D 111 a, Bosch fillin

    $71,006 - Bulgaria
    • Manufacturer: Bosch

    uht plant w. sterile tank f. d 111 a, bosch fillin zf engineering, gaulin used machine aseptic process engineering to supply the bosch servac filling machine d 111 a consisting of pos. 1 1 tube uht...

  • Laurell WS-1000CP5 29432

    $45,753 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Laurell

    laurell automatic spin coater ws-1000cp5 wet station. manual charging. capacity 200mm / 300mm. brushless high performance engine. 1-3000 u / min +/- 0.5 u / min. programmable working steps on the r...

  • 2015 Fiberio Fiberlab L1000 29634

    $99,640 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Fiberio

    fiberio nanomaterials processor fiberlab l1000. with force spinning technology. for the development of new polymers, ceramics, composites, or for the distribution of carbon nanotubes in polymer mat...

  • 2016 NC ENGINEERING NC 1.0 HT 1 ton hi tip dumper Diesel

    $15,363 - Bishop's Green, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: NC Engineering

    manufacturers warranty , low hours , £1199.50 vat payable up front £2399.00 total deposit £3598.50 followed by 48 monthly repayments of only £296.88 equal to a weekly payment of only £68.52 *the ab...

  • Babbitless BS 503 Crusher

    No price - Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: BS-vognen

    crusher babbitless bs 503 used machine more information

  • 2010 Decanter CBB CD 40 l 14044580

    No price - Vodskov, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Decanter CBB

    decanter cbb cd 40 l  used machine  used- cbb decanter centrifuge, model cd 40 i. 316 stainless steel bowl, 29.5 hp/22 kw, 400/50/3 motor, maximum bowl speed 4000 rpm. hydraulic capacity is 882.9 c...

  • Oiler Expeller 1200TPD 68525716

    No price - Vodskov, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Oiler Expeller

    oiler expeller 1200tpd  used machine  the plant is suitable for extraction of oil from various of oil seeds, nuts, beans and palm oil. consist of 4 expeller and 4 vertical cooker. oiler expeller (s...

  • 2011 Merck Millipore Elix Water purification system

    $5,303 - Bavaria, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Millipore

    water purification system millipore elix merck millipore elix used machine merck millipore water purification system desktop system, model elix including - tank mpk01 - e-pod dispenser; ready for o...