• Urea Spherodizer Granulation Plant. Granulation Section Only. C&I Girdler Semi-carbon design

      • Capacity: 1320

      urea spherodizer granulation plant. granulation section only. c&i girdler semi-carbon design. 1320 t/d design in (3) trains. 1500 t/d maximum recorded production. major equipment includes:(3) each spherodizer gr...

      No price
      Penns Grove, NJ, USA
    • 2000 Ton/Year Polysilicon Plant for sale (solar grade) with Hydrochlorination and FBR (fluid bed) technology

        • Capacity: 2000 Ton/Year

        2000 ton/year polysilicon plant for sale (solar grade) with hydrochlorination and fbr (fluid bed) technology. various units from a 2000 tons/year polysilicon facility (solar cell grade n6 and n7) based on hydroc...

        No price
        Penns Grove, NJ, USA
      • 2008 Biodiesel Plant 1 MGY 8053

          • Capacity: 1

          biodiesel plant - entirely moveable, in containers: complete 1 mgy (million gallons per year) biodiesel plant built in 2008 by progressive recovery, inc. designed to produce biodiesel with lower cost and higher f...

          No price
          Knoxville, TN, USA
        • 72" Wysong Shear

          • Manufacturer: Wysong

            used 72" wysong - model: 1472p shear - was in production cutting 0.250" abs (for images, please see next pages)

            No price
            United States

                sell ​​pellet production line capacity approximately 4 hour. conformation: chip extractor / sawdust, maize dispenser, water vaporizer, humidity, refiner mill with 18.5 kw motor deferiver, charger, plt 1000 pellet...

                $63,349 (USD)
                Veneto, Italy
              • Pugmill Plant - 100TPH #PM100-SG

                • Manufacturer: Seaman Gunnison
                • Capacity: 6.54 yds3

                pm100-sg portable pugmill plant - 100tph 100 tph output frame: 10” x 5¼” steel i-beam frame. main agreggate bin: 6.54 yds3 main aggregate bin, with adjustable gate for regulating material flow to the main conveyo...

                No price
                Selkirk, NY, USA
              • Used- This is a state-of-the-art chemical processing / polymerization / purification / chemical reaction production pilot plant

                    11059034 used- this is a state-of-the-art chemical processing / polymerization / purification / chemical reaction production pilot plant. there is literally very little that this system is not designed to accomp...

                    No price
                    Bensenville, IL, USA
                  • EXECUTIVE production plant

                    • Manufacturer: EXECUTIVE

                      1 x batch roller 2001 1 x filling machine 2005 1 x rope sizer 2005 1 x forming machine with die 2005 1 x spreader year 2005 1 x cooler 2005 1 x mould washer 2005

                      No price
                      Willich, Germany
                    • Used- 250,000 Liquid Sugar Refinery from Raw Sugar. The factory produced liquid sucrose and MIS (medium invert syrup )

                        • Capacity: 200 Ton Per Year

                        48650001 used- 250,000 liquid sugar refinery from raw sugar. the factory produced liquid sucrose and mis (medium invert syrup ). the design capacity is 250,000 ton / year. the raw sugar is vvhp(very very high pol...

                        No price
                        Bensenville, IL, USA
                      • NAGEMA 912/3 chocolate production plant

                        • Manufacturer: Nagema

                          output 850 kg/h up to 1.200 kg/h, depending on kind of chocolate consisting of: 1 x silo for crystal sugar, 7 to * with set of transporting buckets and snails 3 x containers for powdery raw materials - powder ...

                          No price
                          Willich, Germany

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