• cake production plant

    No price - Willich, Germany
    • Manufacturer: DEXMORE

    suitable to produce vegetable pies, filled with jam or frozen fruits, above open or closed, for product "lukochko" output: 3000 - 4000 pcs/h depending on size and product, sizes: round 90 mm - oval...

  • chocolate production plant for chocolate

    No price - Willich, Germany

      consisting of: 1 x sugar mill with feeding and mixing 1 x lloveras chocolate mixer, 2 stages, with feeding 1 x nagema 5-roll refiner, 1400 mm wide with all the transport belts from the refiner to...

    • SOLLICH 600 production plant

      No price - Willich, Germany
      • Manufacturer: SOLLICH

      working wide of 600 mm year 10.2008 / 2009 consisting of: - 1 sollich chocolate drop depositor for a bottom of the pralines. - 1 x sollich former with several size parts for different form´s o...

    • production plant for cookies

      No price - Willich, Germany
      • Manufacturer: VICARS

      consisting of: 1 x mixer 1 x dough feeder 1 x uphill feeding conveyor 1 x four rolls sheeter 1 x first gauge rolls 1 x second gauge rolls 1 x third gauge rolls 1 x fourth gauge rolls 1 x rotary cu...

    • production plant for lollipops

      No price - Willich, Germany

        output up to 300 kg/h, consisting of: miyama micro film cooker, various coil cookers, depositing line for 392 moulds, stick feeder for lollipops, color mixer, depositor with 10 nozzles, cooling tun...

      • production plant for marzipan

        No price - Willich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: HAGLES

        consisting of: marzipanformer 18 m steelbelt oven (baking length 12 m) 600 plates 20 plate trays year 1998

      • 2009 Japan wafer solar(photovoltaic)wafer production plant

        No price - Korea
        • Manufacturer: Japan

        solar(photovoltaic)wafer production plant japan wafer used machine solar(photovoltaic)wafer production plant. make:japan year:2009 wafer thickness: about 0.2mm thickness. production: 1.3 million wa...

      • MAKAT Sollich 820 praline production plant

        No price - Willich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: MAKAT

        for production of extruded pralines, also two-colored, with chocolate enrobing and decorating output abt. 300-400 kg/h depending on recipe working width 820 mm consisting of: - makat extrusion hea...

      • HÄNSEL HFD III crossflow production plant

        No price - Willich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: HÄNSEL

        fondant beater type hfdiii with cross flow cooker fully automatic incl. flowmeter and cip pump with integrated cooling water control, steam / condensate as well as primary cooling water have to be...

      • DELVER A/CH 400 production plant

        No price - Willich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: DELVER

        output up to 145 kg/h, for max. product thickness of 19 mm, cooling capacity total 17.000 kcal/h, consisting of: 1 heating for conveyor belt 1 conveyor belt polyurethan, 400 mm wide, max. cutting w...