• Nikon V-12 Profile Projector

    $7,000 - Ontario, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Nikon

    - vertical optical axis with inverted and reversed image - 12" rotary screen, etched center crossline with 1-minute projector - magnification accuracy: within +/- 0.10% (contour) within +/- 0.15% (...

  • Epson Power Lite 83C Projector

    No price - Salt Lake City, UT, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Epson
  • Leutron Vision P202M-GigE-AR Smart Camera, Picsight, Tamron Lens 30.5mm

    No price - Stevensville, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Leutron Vision

    leutron vision p202m-gige-ar smart camera, picsight, tamron lens 30.5mm product description (aa2-2762-gx)

  • Wilder Micro Projector 1Ph Working Optical Comparator

    $1,000 - Watertown, CT, USA

      2x tubular micrometers 1ph 115/110 volt unit under power and working vernier disc protractor part#: 52-2601-11 opto-metric tools inc base extra accessories included in sale overall dims: 31"x 24"-74"

    • WERTH Projectors

      No price - Collegno, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Werth

      type: projectors

    • Starrett HE350 Optical Projector

      No price - United Kingdom Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Starrett

      preview: by appointment only | quantity: 1 | sale date: closing over two days: 7 & 8 june 2017

    • Mitutoyo PJ3000 Projector

      No price - Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

      mitutoyo pj3000 projector 800 x 200 table, dro, lens missing

    • Mitutoyo PJ-300 Profile projector

      $2,939 - Gnosjö, Sweden
      • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

      screen ø: 300 mm glass surface at table: 150x90 mm with digital readout of table movement (x/y)

    • Nikon V-12 Profile projector

      $2,449 - Gnosjö, Sweden
      • Manufacturer: Nikon
      • Model: V-12

      screen diameter: 310 mm. table travel: 105 x 50 mm. table vertical travel: 80 mm. projection lenses: 20x, 5x 360° rotating table. attention! digital missing! (x/y scale are there but the digital re...

    • Nikon 6C-2 Profile projector

      $2,327 - Gnosjö, Sweden
      • Manufacturer: Nikon

      screen diameter: 285 mm. table size: 283x153 mm. * projection lens nikon 50x -ep * projection lens nikon 10x -a * projection lens nikon 20x -a for more photos. attention! digital missing! (x/y scal...