• Pub Brewery Mini Breweries

    No price - Freising, Germany

      order: 200891cku complete pub brewery from mill until bis taproom, y.o.c. 2011, 3-vessels-brew house from caspary, 2 fermenting vessels and 4 storage tanks, inclusive counter conditioning and furni...

    • 2008 Dreher / Austria 250 Pub Micro Brewery 250liter 2, 5hl

      No price - Germany
      • Manufacturer: Dreher / Austria

      pub micro brewery 250liter 2,5hl dreher / austria 250 used machine complete small brewery, 2,5 hl / sud, 300hl / year, year of construction: 2008 complete micro pub brewery, 250 liters per brew,...

    • Pub Breweries New 2-vessel-brewblock, 5 hl cast

      No price - Geroda, Germany

        new 2-vessel-brewblock, 5 hl cast wort, in stainless steel, with wooden covering, electrical steam heated, with mash-/wort kettle 750 lt total content with vapor hood, agitator, overpessure guard, ...

      • Pub Complete Brewery Equipment

        No price - Freising, Germany

          order: 200930cku complete 10 hl/brew pub breweryi, y.o.c. 1998, 2-vessels-brew house from beraplan, 2 fermenting vessels and 8 storage tanks, inclusive industrial technology synopsis pub brewery 10...