• Ranshoff Automatic Parts Washer 2505

      • Capacity: 21"

      ranshoff model automatic parts washer, 28"x 21" x12". 28" x 21" x 12" cae ransohoff automatic parts washer new 1997, serial # ***like new condition*** equipped with: pneumatic lift door ball screw drive reciproca...

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      Statesville, NC, USA
    • Shimadzu LC-8A Solvent Delivery Pump

      • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

        features shimadzu's lc-8a solvent delivery pump is extremely versatile, offering a wide flow rate range to easily perform specification type reciprocating double-plunger type flow range 0.1-150 ml/min range of co...

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        Markham, Canada
      • Conflex Shrink Flow Thru CRW160 5F2191

        • Manufacturer: Conflex

          continuous motion, servo driven, flow thru shrink wrapper rated up to 100 feet per minute. package size range: 3" to infinite in length; 2" to 13-1/2" in width; 1/8" to 7-1/2" in height. equipped with 48" long do...

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          Carol Stream, IL, USA
        • Raque Complete Line Food 4500 5H0458

          • Manufacturer: Raque

            raque 4500 series, complete, stainless steel, tray denesting, filling, roll stock and heat sealing line with number trays per minute – depending on materials, application and line configeration. line consists of:...

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            Carol Stream, IL, USA
          • Perkin Elmer Flexar FX-15 UHPLC

                flexar solvent manager 3-ch degasser. features -dual-reciprocating piston 18,000 psi pump provides as muchas 10x or more improvement in productivity -integrated pistonwash function keeps pump pistons clean, even ...

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                Markham, Canada
              • 1995 GEMA-RAMCO, No. Auto DP system, 3' x 6' part, 12 FPM, 3-stage SST wash, Gas DO-Pre- Heat & Cure ovens, 1000' 3" enclosed-Track Conv, Enviro-Room New

                    gema-ramco 3-stage automatic & manual quote# 75c-681 dry powder paint system age: 1995 specifications & description: general system parameters: approx. work opening: 36"w x 72”h line speed of10-12 fpm pretreatmen...

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                    Old Saybrook, CT, USA

                    • Manufacturer: DUBOIS

                      dubois rsm rotary spray system (ideal for flatline coating for siding); 66" width capacity, 68" w powered belt, 2 hp drive motor. -- (16) rotary gun capacity (8 guns installed), 66" x 90" x 5" spray area (approx...

                    • 2006 FRIULMAC FLOORMAT C DOUBLE END TENONER [TE-011440]

                      • Manufacturer: FRIULMAC

                        friulmac floormat c double end tenoner160 to 1,500 mm (59" to 6-5/16") length with motorized opening with key pad and led readout on the control panel; 10 to 35 mm (3/8" to 1-3/8") material thickness. each side e...

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                        United States
                      • 1999 VENJAKOB FULL HGS/028SR SYSTEM SPRAY/FLASH/HOT WATER CURE [FS-010630]

                        • Manufacturer: Venjakob

                          venjakob full hgs/028sr system with spray, flash off and hot water curing oven;"complete" 4-position "venjakob" finishing line with loading (infeed), spray system w/enclosure, flash-off section, and curing oven. ...

                          United States
                        • 2005 GIARDINA COMPLETE LINE SPRAY & UV CURING FINISH SYSTEM [FS-010599]

                          • Manufacturer: Giardina

                            giardina - automatic spray line for water based uv with special mos oven.automatic spray line for water based uv products. the line includes infeed conveyor, panel cleaner, spray machine, 1-lamp uv, mos microwave...

                            United States