• Hewlett Packard / Agilent 5062-4841 Rack Mount Kit for 8560 8590 E4900 Series Spectrum Analyzer

    $595 - Finksburg, MD, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    hewlett packard / agilent 5062-4841 rack mount kit for spectrum analyzers.  it will work for 8560 series,  8590 series and e4900 series spectrum analyzers.    som...

  • Hewlett Packard / Agilent E2609A New Rack Mount Kit for Agilent Infiniium Scopes

    $650 - Finksburg, MD, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the hewlett packard / agilent e2609a is a rack mount kit for agilent infiniium scopes.  the e2609a fits the 54800 series scopes.  it is new old stock.

  • Fluke Y8846S Rack Mount Kit - Single

    No price - Elgin, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Fluke

    fluke y8846s features: rack mount kit - single this accessory is used for the following units: fluke 8845a: 6.5 digit precision multimeter, 35 ppm fluke 8845a/su: 6.5 digit precision multimeter, 35...

  • Tektronix RM4000 Rackmount Kit NEW

    $675 - Finksburg, MD, USA
    • Manufacturer: Tektronix

    the tektronix rm4000 is a rackmount kit.  the rm4000 is used with the dpo4000 series and mso4000 series oscilloscopes.  the tektronix part number for the kit is 071-1846-00 and the kit is...

  • Agilent HP 8164A

    $6,490 - Florida, United States
    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Model: 8164A

    agilent hp 8164a***in stock*** hp/agilent 8164a lighwave measurement system mainframe the agilent 8164a lightwave measurement system supports a range of high-performance tunable laser modules, as w...

  • Agilent HP 8720B

    $22,500 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Model: 8720B

    agilent hp 8720b functional: yes tested and calibrated-90 day warranty- with manual/power cord right of return: 5 business days (from time of receipt) calibration: 06/2008 warranty: 90 days make an...

  • ILX LDM-4616

    No price - Gatineau, Canada
    • Manufacturer: ILX

    ilx ldm-4616 laser diode mount. rack mount16-channel  for butterfly packaged laser diodes.specifications at glance for the ldm-4616: laser package: 14-pin butterfly laser package sockets: zero ...

  • Keysight-Agilent 8702E

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    keysight-agilent 8702e details keysight-agilent 8702e agilent 8702e lightwave component analyzer 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1550 nm 300 khz to 3 or 6 ghz product overview accurate modulation frequency respon...

  • Keysight-Agilent 8504B

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    keysight-agilent 8504b details keysight-agilent 8504b wavelength: 1300/1550 precision reflectometer the agilent 8504b precision reflectometer provides state-of-the-art lightwave reflection measurem...

  • Keysight-Agilent 3563A

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    keysight-agilent 3563a details keysight-agilent 3563a 64 uhz to 100 khz. 150 db dynamic range. internal source provides random noise, burst random, sine chirp, burst chirp, fixed sine, and swept si...