• Aeroflex IFR RD-301

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      aeroflex ifr rd-301 details aeroflex ifr rd-301the rd301 radar test set is designed for precision simulator testing of aircraft weather radar and narrow pulse marine radar instruments. it is a...

    • Aeroflex IFR RD-301A

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        aeroflex ifr rd-301a details aeroflex ifr rd-301aweather radar test set tracking system the rd301a tracking system enables the test set to automatically acquire and track the transmitter frequ...

      • Gigatronics RT-1009

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          gigatronics rt-1009 details gigatronics rt-1009rt1009 radar test set the giga-tronics rt-1009 radar test set is designed to test and calibrate advanced radar operating over the x-band frequen...

        • Anritsu 37369D

          $34,950 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Anritsu

          anritsu 37369d vector network analyzer the lightning family of microwave and millimeter-wave vector network analyzers encompasses a wide range of high performance, component test tools designed to ...

        • Agilent 8665B

          $6,490 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Agilent
          • Model: 8665B
          • Power: -139 dBm to +13 dBm

          agilent 8665b high-performance signal generator 4.2ghz the agilent 8665b signal generator is suited for basic receiver testing up to 6 ghz. with option 004 (low-noise enhancement), it can be used f...

        • Agilent HP KT-N6030A/016/500/501/503/P_ER

          $7,875 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Agilent

          keysight technologies (formerly agilent) n6030a arbitrary waveform generator module/016-waveform memory to 16msa/500-compactpci 18-slot mf/501-compactpci controller p4/503-filler (used) product cod...

        • Agilent HP E8267D

          $49,950 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Agilent
          • Model: E8267D
          • Power: -130 to +18(+23) dBm

          keysight (agilent) technologies e8267d opts: 005, 015, 1e1, 1ea, 403, 520, 602, 408, 421 psg vector signal generator, up to 44 ghz the agilent e8267d psg vector signal generator is the first integr...

        • Keysight 83731B

          $4,195 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Keysight
          • Power: -4 dBm to 10 dBm

          keysight 83731b 1e1 1e1 = attenuator. the agilent 83731b synthesized signal generator sets a new standard for performance at a price that is surprisingly affordable. no longer will you have to give...

        • Agilent HP KT-83732B/1E5_ER

          $15,139 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Agilent
          • Power: -4 dBm to +10 dBm

          keysight technologies (formerly agilent) 83732b 10mhz-20ghz synthesizer/1e5-high stability (used) product code: kt-83732b/1e5_er the 83732b provides plenty of output power (typically >+14 dbm), whi...

        • Agilent HP 83731B

          $9,450 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Agilent
          • Model: 83731B
          • Power: -4 dBm to 10 dBm

          agilent / hewlett packard 83731b the hp 83731b synthesized signal generator is the recommended local oscillator for the hp 8970b noise figure meter. use these signal source with the hp 83550 serie ...