• Geismar MP12

    $2,459 - Wiórek, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Geismar

    grinder rail profile geismar mp12. it provides excellent surface grinding of the rail head. rollers ensure accurate grinding from horizontal to vertical position. the long base roller provides a...


    $6,640 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Honda

    conveyor the aggregate suspension for wagon to work in railway tracks dimensions: -length 2600 mm -height: 1000 mm -width: 700 mm tape-width: 400 mm weight: 160 kg engine: honda gx 200 maxi...


    $20,904 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: PLASSER

    self-propelled machinery plasser type unima 1 year of manufacture 1990 dmc maszzyny 10 000 kg axle load railway 5 000 kg price 85 000 zł + vat phu jan wengrzyn's offer to sell the equipment , ...


    $3,935 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Chwytak

    grab the hydraulic sleepers dimensions of transport: 2500 mm x 1150 mm x 1550 mm (length, width, height) span: 400 mm detailed information: kamil szklarkowski

  • 2015 Doosan DX140LCR-5

    $148,941 - Selkirk, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Doosan
    • Hours: 450 h

    for reduced machine length and added maneuverability, choose the dx140lcr-5. its shorter tail swing profile helps you work in confined areas without sacrificing performance. the dx140lcr-5 is ideal...

  • 2005 Bitteli DTV315

    $23,500 - Erbil, Iraq
    • Manufacturer: Bitteli

    country: iraq | division: construction equipment | extra options: new/unused | production country: italy

  • 2016 ZEPHIR LOK 10.170

    No price - Russia
    • Manufacturer: ZEPHIR

    diesel shunting devices on a combined course (tractor handling) the equivalent weight of a standard locomotive: 35t weight zephir lok - 20t pulling force: 100kn maximum pulling power: 2000t en...

  • 2016 ZEPHIR CRAB 2100 E

    No price - Russia
    • Manufacturer: ZEPHIR

    electrical shunting devices on a combined course (tractor handling) it is the smallest shunting locomotive working on the battery. patented design zephir. thanks to a small footprint allows you ...

  • Rail heaters Geismar CEMAFER SH4 Road Rail

    $2,336 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Rail

    heater railway geismar cemafer. model: sh4 four burners powered cylinder of propane-butane. heating power: 255 kw we offer a large selection of machines and tools railway. vat invoice.

  • Modular weld shear Geismar ESN RAIL

    $3,443 - Pabianice, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Modular

    hydraulic cutter thermite weld joints geismar. light rail device for cutting thermite weld. cut the power to 220kn. mills and the guides are adjusted to optimize shear. when buying a cutter rai...