• Gold Recycling Plant Electronics Recycling

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Gold Recycling Plant

    gold recycling plant to recycle gold from electronics waste year 2013 1 shift = 1 ton per day recovery

  • Used Tyres Recycling Plant

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Tire Recycling Plant Used

    shredder plant to produce tyre derived fuel

  • Complete Waste Wood Recycling Plant

    No price
    • Manufacturer: Hammel VB 750 D, Hammel NZS etc.

    recycling plant for waste wood consisting inter alia of shredder hammel vb 750 d (= pre shredder) secondary shredder hammel nzs etc.

  • 1988 WEMA Weiskircher Fresh concrete recycling plant

    No price - Lingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: WEMA Weiskircher

    1 gеbr. fresh concrete recycling plant (truck mixers and mixing plant) fabr. wema walker = with screw cyclone cutter pump for gallows great pump for mixing plant the advertisement was translated au...

  • 2000 INSTA INSTA Construction waste recycling plant

    No price - Buttlar, Germany
    • Manufacturer: INSTA

    construction 1. feed hopper 4m³ with heavy-duty conveyor chute u. vibrating screen fitted with 6m tape flow for sieved fines below the task bunker 2. conveyor belt for sorting container 14m long 1m...

  • 2010 Shredding line Tyre recycling plant

    No price - Pivka, Slovenia

      tyrе shredding line compound with different machine producers ( nymby, molinari, gauss magneti, venanzetti,...) it has ben in function for only 3 years, capacity cca 15-20 t/h , power needed 1000 k...

    • 2012 Breakers Brechanlage BMD RA 700-6 Recycling plant

      $144,906 - Langenfeld, Germany
        • Hours: 3,000 Hrs

        top condition operating hours: 3,000 hrs | construction year: 2012

      • 2012 ROTACREX R 1200 Electronic Waste Recycling Plant sorting equipment

        $156,139 - Germany

          waste sorting equipment rotacrex r 1200 electronic waste recycling plant used machine ; accessories: complete recycling unit for toner carttriges, electronic waste, mbt- method of operation:the mat...

        • 2010 MG RECYCLING COMPACT 150T Cable plant

          No price - Pivka, Slovenia Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: MG RECYCLING
          • Hours: 3000

          cablе recycling plant mg recycling composed by a preshredder, conveyour belt and a blade mill with a cell granulator with turbo compact 150t. first owner, very good condition, excellent price gnddy...

        • 2010 RW Recycling World / Keller Lufttechnik RM / 2 / 4 Gummigranulat Tyre Plant Tire

          No price - Merishausen, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: RW Recycling World / Keller Lufttechnik

          tire recycling plant for car tires and sports flooring specifications: input: car tires, sports flooring output: perfect rubber granules to 6 mm without inclusions tire wire cleaner sale high quali...