• 2011 Cake rack Technofrigo

    $1,071 - Ratingen, Germany

      crockery cooler technofrigo 1.82 meters high 0.65 meters wide and 0.65 meters deep, 4 glass floors round, revolving carousel, year of construction 2011, coolant 404amit lighting

    • Cake Cooler Technofrigo Snelle

      $857 - Ratingen, Germany

        torch refrigerated display technofrigo snelle, height 1.80 meters, width 0.60 meters, depth 0.60 meters, 3 glass floors rectangular 45x45 cm coolant 134a with lighting

      • NordCap Tortenvitrine

        No price - Heinsberg, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: NordCap

        sell ​​a used cake cooling this used kuchenkühlenkitrine is in very good used condition here, your pies are well cared for, they have it cool here, extending your shelf life, freshness and taste to...

      • Chest of drawers

        No price - Heinsberg, Germany Recently Added

          sell ​​a used praline showcase this is in a very nice and good used condition. she looks very beautiful. the display case has 4 shelves, the top shelf is made of glass. the shelf walls are equip...