• Used Hermance Model 300GS Gang Rip Saw

    • Manufacturer: Hermance

      used hermance model 300gs gang rip saw. 50 hp, 230/460v, 3 ph, 60 hz. 3 hp feed motor with rotocone for variable feed speeds of approximately 60 to 180 feet per minute; 1-1/2" arbor with standard set of spacers;...

      $12,000 (USD)
      United States

      • Manufacturer: Johnson

        mereen-johnson model #424-ddc/sr-2+gang multiple rip saw with updated (2015) linear encoder and drive system and brand new 2017 rip navigator scout!!! with the following specifications and features:double arbor m...

        $248,800 (USD)
        United States
      • 2005 RAIMANN KM-310 1M GANG RIP SAW, SHIFTING BLADE(S) [RG-011468]

        • Manufacturer: Raimann

          raimann km 310 1m - movable blade gang rip saw; -- 12-1/4" max. width cap. with 25" feed width, 13-1/2" chain width, 50 hp - 4,200 rpm v-belt drive arbor with (1) movable and (2) fixed blade; shifting blades po...

          $39,900 (USD)
          United States
        • MEREEN JOHNSON model 424-DC dip chain gang rip saw.

          • Manufacturer: Johnson

            northeast us mereen johnson model 424-dc dip chain gang rip saw. 75 hp direct driven motor arbor length 24” thickness capacity up to to 3-1/2” powered vertical raise & lower of arbor 3 hp feed drive variable spee...

            $29,500 (USD)
            United States
          • 1991 A.Costa Double spindle multi ripsaw, type Jaguar/2/75

            • Manufacturer: Costa

              a.costa double spindle multi-rip saw, type jaguar/2/75 manufacture year 1991 machine specifications - max. cutting width 350 mm - width of feeding chain 370 mm - max. cutting height 200 mm - max. saw blade 320 mm...

              No price
              Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Netherlands
            • 2004 PAUL KME 2/750 R Multi blade saws

              • Manufacturer: Paul

                for sale used multi blade saws paul kme 2/750 r used for edging of boards and planks and for batten cutting. main features: - cutting height 125 mm - working widths 750 mm (kme 2/750) and 1000 mm (kme 2/1000) - m...

                No price
                Oradea, Romania
              • 1999 RAIMANN KM-US BVE 2 M GANG RIP SAW, SHIFTING BLADE(S) [RG-011463]

                • Manufacturer: Raimann

                  raimann kr 310 bvus 2m with msl infeed gang rip saw with infeed.12-1/4" max. width cap. with 25" feed width, 13-1/2" chain width. 50 hp - 4,200 rpm v-belt drive arbor with (2) movable & (1) fixed blades; shifting...

                  $49,900 (USD)
                  United States
                • 2006 NORTHTECH NT-MAR350-M2 GANG RIP SAW, SHIFTING BLADE(S) [RG-011469]

                  • Manufacturer: NORTHTECH

                    northtech nt-mar350-m2 with (2) moveable blades and (1) fixed blade. -- capacity: 13.38" max. to 0.59" min width cap by 4" cutting depth on (2) moveable blades and 4.33" depth on (1) fixed blade. 14" max. blade...

                    $39,980 (USD)
                    United States
                  • Used Luxscan Scanner and Raimann Rip Saw line

                    • Manufacturer: Raimann

                      used luxscan scanner and raimann rip saw line. includes material handling / transfer equipment as listed below. raimann kr450/300 bv rip saw specifications: with 50 hp spindle motor, spindle speed of 4200 rpm. w...

                      $218,300 (USD)
                      United States
                    • Used 2004 Eagle Optimizing Rip and Cutoff Line with Progressive 36” Fixed Arbor Rip Saw.

                      • Manufacturer: Eagle

                        used 2004 eagle optimizing rip and cutoff line with progressive 36” fixed arbor rip saw. manual marking, and 2 eagle optimizing crayon mark defecting saws. system is capable of processing 17,000 board feet of 4/...

                        $250,000 (USD)
                        United States

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