• Hudson Control Group Plate Crane

    • Manufacturer: Hudson

      the hudson control group plate crane provides a reliable, simple and elegant way to increase the automation capabilities of laboratories using any instrument or instruments that utilize the microplate format.

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      East Lyme, CT, USA
    • Caliper Life Sciences Twister Universal Microplate Handler P/N 70672/3

          the caliper life sciences twister universal microplate handler p/n 70672/3 is a robotic solution for automating the movement of microplates to and from instruments.

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          East Lyme, CT, USA
        • Zymark Twister Universal Plate Handler Robot

              the zymark twister universal plate handler robot (p/n 63808/02) offers a simple solution for automating the movement of microplates to and from a microplate reader, washer, or other microplate-processing instrume...

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              East Lyme, CT, USA
            • Thermo Scientific CRS F3 Robot Arm

              • Manufacturer: Thermo

                the thermo scientific crs f3 robot arm is designed for light payload applications and provides an articulated robot arm with six degrees of freedom, plus a powerful, multitasking controller.  the system sets a ne...

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                East Lyme, CT, USA
              • HP 5890

                • Manufacturer: HP

                  phone: 1-567-221-0615 this hewlett packard gas chromatograph is in good condition for its age, with only minor wear from normal use. new life scientific technicians tested this system and were able to confirm th...

                  Cridersville, OH, USA
                • Agilent GPC Agilent PL-GPC 120 Integrated GPC/SEC System Polymer Laboratories PL-GPC 120 Integrated GPC/SEC System

                  • Manufacturer: Agilent

                    agilent gpc agilent pl-gpc 120 integrated gpc/sec system  polymer laboratories pl-gpc 120  integrated gpc/sec system used polymer labs gpc-120 pl-as rt gpc auto sampler the pl-as rt is a robotic autosampler desig...

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                    Manasquan, NJ, USA
                  • Bio-Rad EXQuest Spot Cutter

                    • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

                      the exquest™ spot cutter is a precision instrument that accurately locates and excises protein bands or spots from 1-d and 2-d gels or blots. it then loads them into 96- and 384-well microplates or 96-tube racks ...

                      Golden Valley, MN, USA
                    • Qiagen BioRobot M48

                      • Manufacturer: Qiagen

                        the qiagen biorobot m48 is an automated nucleic acid purification workstation with liquid handling capabilities. the system purifies the dna via magnetic separation within the pipette tips to seamlessly integrate...

                        San Diego, CA, USA
                      • VarioMag Teleshake Single Microplate ELISA Plate Shaker

                        • Manufacturer: Variomag

                          ·         integrated threads and drilled holes for assembling on robot workbenches ·         easy integration in robotic systems and platform due to small footprint and via rs 232 interface

                          Golden Valley, MN, USA
                        • ABgene Seal-It 100 Automated Adhesive Microplate Sealer

                              the abgene seal-it 100 automated adhesive microplate sealer is highly robust and reliable and while designed for optimal robotic integration in high throughput environments, the instrument allows manual, bench to...

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                              East Lyme, CT, USA