• 2000 Holmer Terra Dos

    • Manufacturer: Holmer
    • Model: TERRA DOS

      holmer terra dos ibs retires year 2000 with paranelsty

      $5,873 (USD)
      Middelfart, Denmark
    • 2000 Holmer TERRA-DOS T2

      • Manufacturer: Holmer

        holmer terra-dos vintage 2000 run about 7000 hours with defective engine sold as stands. equipped with pv6 50cm recorder. and bs taps off with pads. camara in the back as well as at the front rolled.

        $27,405 (USD)
        Middelfart, Denmark

        • Manufacturer: Ropa

          used ​​hydraulic wheel drive from ropa roer optager. more info

          No price
          Middelfart, Denmark
        • 2000 Agrifac BIG SIX

          • Manufacturer: Agrifac
          • Model: BIG SIX

            agrifack big six-year 2000 6 rowed with peeling and good condition

            No price
            Middelfart, Denmark
          • 1996 Small RL200SF

            • Manufacturer: Kleine

              small rl 200f maus roller loader with 8m cleaning table.12 meter lift prepared with new rollers in cutting board and insert

              $62,483 (USD)
              Middelfart, Denmark

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