• Vandenberg radial roller grader

    $12,929 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Van den Berg Maszyny

    vandenberg radial roller sorting machine complete with elevator and 3 conveyors. roller graders can be used for sorting by size of all kind of vegetables like carrots, chicory, potatoes, onions and...

  • Stas dosing and roller conveyor for fruit

    $3,639 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Stas Owoc Maszyny

    stas dosing conveyor for fruit complete with roller conveyor length of disc inspection conveyor 135 cm adjustable speed with photocell on the dosing conveyor

  • 2017 New roller inspection conveyor 250 x 85 cm

    $5,323 - Rotterdam, Netherlands

      new roller inspection conveyor dimensions of pre selector: 250x85 cm available from stock height adjustment direct driven shaft pvc rollers with 50mm diameter adjustable speed feeding and discharge...

    • Aweta brushing and singulation machine

      $3,531 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Aweta

      aweta brushing and singulation machine with extra conveyor this machine is used as part of a labeling line for fruit at an import company of fruit. this machine is now without labeler. this machi...

    • KTM Roller grading line

      No price - Myre, Norway

        condition: excellent 9 rollers hydraulic driven was used for alaska pollock roller's lenght : 3000 mm quantity of grades: 3 + 1 this grader work on the rotating rollers grading principle and use a ...

      • 1998 Compas radial rollergrader for grading by size

        $15,102 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Compas Maszyny

        compas radial roller grader for grading by size. roller sorting machine for products like carrots, chicory, onions and bulbs. 3 conveyors   50, 50 and 80 cm wide width of rollers 100 cm maximum di...

      • Compas rollergrader with vibrating

        $2,661 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Compas Máquinas

        compas rollergrader with vibrating pregrader with conveyor *( will be sold as is without control/switchbox)

      • Schouten rollenreiniger

        $3,802 - Rotterdam, Netherlands Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Schouten

        schouten rollercleaner / pregrader with conveyor 260 x 60  cm rollers 160 cm wide max distance between rollers 2,5 cm the schouten roller cleaner eliminates sand, stones and clods from your product...

      • Schouten Trio

        $3,205 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Trio

        schouten trio sorting machine for potatoes and onions. elevator roller table this grader is 60 cm wide and has 3 sieves above each other with 2 sizes for the inspection roller conveyor

      • Schouten kwartet 60

        $6,790 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Schouten

        schouten kwartet  jump sorting machine. elevator pregrader roller inspection conveyor and sizegrader table with 2 chairs 60 cm wide 4 different sortings +1 this jump grader can be used for brussel ...