• Johnsons Potato Lifter

    No price - Boxford, United Kingdom Recently Added

      johnsons twin row semi-mounted potato lifter.

    • 1997 Thyregod 2 rk. T7 Velholdt

      $7,992 - Sakskobing, Denmark Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Thyregod

      see more well-maintained machines ... more location ring martin winter tlf.21283788.

    • Thyregod T7

      $6,539 - Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Thyregod

      slagleaftopper. roller bottom tank for reading while driving. cleaning brush, control skive. supplied with new oppel wheels. the machine is in hobro.

    • Hema roegrab

      $6,902 - Denmark
      • Manufacturer: Hema

      country: denmark | division: farm equipment | attachments: s60 suspension to 14-16 tons machine

    • Ransomes Faun Potato Planter

      No price - Boxford, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Faun

      ransomes faun 2 row potato planter c/w both original and modified covering harrows.

    • Ford 6600 Krakei Harvester

      No price - Boxford, United Kingdom
      • Manufacturer: Ford

      krakei harvester c/w ford 6600 dual power 2wd skid unit. last used for loading windrowed onions. can also be used for harvesting potatoes. in good working condition as a complete unit or skid un...

    • 2004 Kleine SF 10-2

      $43,994 - Slaný, Czech Republic Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Kleine
      • Model: SF 10-2

      country: czech republic | division: farm equipment | max. load capacity: 10 m3 | working width, rows: 6

    • Damcon Selector 440S

      $13,421 - Echteld, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Damcon

      equipped with grubbing shovel and hydraulic shaker, 90cm wide, 4-cylinder kubota diesel engine.

    • Damcon Selector 440

      $16,106 - Echteld, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Damcon

      equipped with u-blade and hydraulic shaker, between cutting mat, additional support foot, 4-cylinder kubota diesel.

    • Amac E 2

      $8,053 - Hoofddorp, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Amac

      country: netherlands | attachments: steering axle, leveling, 80 cm wide, retractable and swing conveyor. roll cleaner, electric hydraulic control and working lights. | drive configuration: trailed