• 30' Portable Rotary Dryer with Cyclone

    • Manufacturer: Cyclone

      30' portable rotary dryer with cyclone - 44" x 30' rotary dryer with a 3 hp chain drive on portable frame. natural gas fired 3 mmbtu burner with 12' long fire box for combustion process, which prevents flame cont...

      No price
      Moberly, MO, USA
    • CWMF 7' x 26' Rotary Dryer

          cwmf 7' x 26' rotary dryer - fully insulated parallel flow rotary dryer is 26' long x 7' in diameter. 8' diameter combustion zone (7' long). insulation reduces heat loss and fuel costs. the dryer has a dam on the...

          $214,000 (USD)
          Moberly, MO, USA
        • Vulcan® 54" D x 29.5' L Rotary Dryer

              vulcan® 54" d x 29.5' l reconditioned rotary dryer - this dryer is designed to dry a variety of materials and comes fitted with internal lifters which increases the overall thermal efficiency of the dryer. in add...

              $178,000 (USD)
              Moberly, MO, USA
            • Vulcan® 7' D x 28' L Carbon Steel Rotary Drum

                  vulcan® 7' d x 28' l carbon steel rotary drum - this drum is designed for high temperature incinerating or calcining applications. the drum is equipped with screw flighting at the feed end of the drum which assis...

                  $215,000 (USD)
                  Moberly, MO, USA
                • Vulcan® 7224 Rotary Dryer System with Gordon Piatt 20 MMBtu Burner

                      vulcan® 7224 stationary rotary dryer system with gordon piatt 20 mmbtu burner - 72" diameter x 24' long rotary dryer. features a saddle chain drive system with a 40 hp motor. includes reducers, trunnions, tires, ...

                      $268,000 (USD)
                      Moberly, MO, USA
                    • Airstream Stainless Steel Food Grade Fluidized Bed Dryer

                          airstream stainless steel food grade fluidized bed dryer - efficiently heat or dry your product, deactivate or regenerate catalyst, use as a fluidized bed reactor or adsorber or desorber of chemical components on...

                          $168,000 (USD)
                          Moberly, MO, USA
                        • Heil 38' Single Pass Dryer

                          • Manufacturer: Heil

                            heil 38' single pass dryer - 38' long x 12' diameter single pass drum dryer equipped with trunnions and drive. combustion chamber available at additional cost. materials that can be processed grains, citrus and p...

                            $92,500 (USD)
                            Moberly, MO, USA
                          • Hollow Flight Screw

                                hollow flight screw - 22' long x 30" tall x 17" diameter shaft. constructed of stainless steel and built by kws manufacturing co. for use as a cooling screw in a plastics processing plant. unit has a single varia...

                                $45,500 (USD)
                                Moberly, MO, USA
                              • Industrial Screw Dryer

                                    industrial screw dryer - 60" diameter x 16' long x 1/4" thick carbon steel screw. 9" screw shaft. 24" screw pitch. scraper blades between flights to keep walls of housing clean. bolt holes on flighting to install...

                                    $178,000 (USD)
                                    Moberly, MO, USA
                                  • Vibrating Fluidized Bed Equipment

                                        vibrating fluidized bed equipment - for solids cooling and drying. fluidized bed components, which come in direct contact with product, are constructed of stainless steel, often required for food grade, plastics ...

                                        $198,500 (USD)
                                        Moberly, MO, USA

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