• Vulcan® 1712 Indirect Rotary Kiln

        vulcan® 1712 indirect rotary kiln - 17" inside diameter (1" thick drum) x 12' length (heated zone) inconel incinerator (16' total length). indirect fired by 13 north american pre-mix burners. gas, pilot and air t...

        Moberly, MO, USA
      • Vulcan® 7' D x 28' L Carbon Steel Rotary Drum

            vulcan® 7' d x 28' l carbon steel rotary drum - this drum is designed for high temperature incinerating or calcining applications. the drum is equipped with screw flighting at the feed end of the drum which assis...

            Moberly, MO, USA
          • Vulcan® Bone Meal Drying System

                vulcan® bone meal drying system - 30' long x 8' diameter rotary dryer drum with lifter flights and 3-phase electric motor with gear reducer drive and trunnions. 16 mmbtu maxon natural gas fired burner with contro...

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                Moberly, MO, USA
              • Vulcan® Portable Drying System

                    vulcan® portable drying system - includes 1 (one) portable 20' long x 4' diameter carbon steel rotary drum and combustion chamber. the rotary kiln is designed for parallel flow and includes discharge chutes, driv...

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                    Moberly, MO, USA
                  • Vulcan® Indirect Electrically Heated Rotary Kiln with Vapor Recovery

                        vulcan® indirect electrically heated rotary kiln with vapor recovery - this is a 68' long x 6' diameter indirect heated kiln. it is electrically heated with with four independently controlled heat zones spaced th...

                        Moberly, MO, USA
                      • General 36' Rotary Dryer w/ Gencor 130 MMBtu Burner

                            general 36' rotary dryer w/ gencor 130 mmbtu burner - 36' long x 9' diameter rotary kiln. includes lifting flights and frame. gencor model uf-2-135, 130 btu ultra flame burner. 74,000 cfm gencor blower powered by...

                            Moberly, MO, USA
                          • Used- Indirect Fired Continuous Rotary Reactor/Kiln System. Tube is constructed of 304 stainless steel

                                47834001 used- indirect fired continuous rotary reactor/kiln system. tube is constructed of 304 stainless steel. 970 mm diameter x 7100 mm long. stationery chamber is constructed of carbon steel. all wetted pars ...

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                                Bensenville, IL, USA
                              • Vulcan® Fly Ash Drying System

                                    vulcan® fly ash drying system - 48' long x 9' diameter rotary drum. carbon steel kiln with 10 - 1/2" flights and discharge chutes. includes drive mechanism with four (4) heavy duty trunnions. powered by four (4) ...

                                    Moberly, MO, USA
                                  • Astec Portable 42' Rotary Dryer

                                    • Manufacturer: Astec

                                      astec portable 42' rotary dryer - rotary kiln is 42' long x 7' diameter. includes drive mechanism, trunnions, gears, electric motors and flighting. comes with a hauck model es050e-22-01-08 ecostar 60 mmbtu burner...

                                      Moberly, MO, USA
                                    • 20' L x 3' D "High Temp" Rotary Calciner with 5" Refractory

                                          20' l x 3' d "high temp" rotary calciner with 5" refractory - high temperature rotary calciner measures 37" od x 20' l with 5" thick hard refractory and a stainless steel shell. fired by a high temperature 3" max...

                                          Moberly, MO, USA