• Metrohm 730 Sample Changer Metrohm Titration Sample Metrohm Sample Changer Model 730 Metrohm

        metrohm 730 sample changer metrohm titration sample metrohm sample changer model 730 metrohm sample changer with metrohm sc controller remote from 70-2000ml automate 2 to 48 samples measure, titrate and rinse per...

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • MacConnell Research Mini-Prep 24 Electrophoresis System

        • Manufacturer: MacConnell Research

          microprocessor-controlled, timed segments of run can be programmed by operator, 12x2ml or 24x1ml well capacity, 0.354in. and 0.177in. spacing of loading and sample wells, 20-25µl finished sample volume, 1-24 and ...

          $1,600 (USD)
          Mountain View, CA, USA
        • Sage Science Pippin Prep Automated Preparative Gel Electrophoresis System

          • Manufacturer: Sage Science

            the pippin prep facilitates library construction for the most popular ngs platforms, features the ability to collect narrow and even fragment distributions, as well as the flexibility to collect wide ranges of fr...

            No price
            Mountain View, CA, USA
          • Microsonic Systems ST30 DNA Prep System Hendrix SM100 Microsonics Sample Ultrasonic Fluid Processor

            • Manufacturer: Microsonic Systems

              microsonics st30 dna sample prep system hendrix sm100 ultrasonic flui ...

              $6,000 (USD)
              Anaheim, CA, USA
            • Becton-Dickinson BD Lyse Wash Assistant 337408 Flow Cytometer Cell Prep FACS

              • Manufacturer: International

                bd flow cytometer cell prep facs lyse wash assistant this is a nice used bd facs lyse wash assistant. unit will prep your samples for flow cytometr ...

                $6,450 (USD)
                Oceanside, CA, USA
              • Omni International OMNI-Prep Homogenizer

                • Manufacturer: International

                  the omni prep is a multi-sample homogenizer that highlights speed and adaptability. it can mix up to 6 samples at once at 500-30,000 rpm, with compatible volumes ranging from 250 microliters to 30 milliliters. it...

                  $4,999 (USD)
                  San Diego, CA, USA
                • Waters Gradient Prep HPLC System

                  • Manufacturer: Waters

                    waters gradient prep hplc system includes: * waters prep 2525 binary gradient modules (mobile flow rate up to 150 ml/min) waters 2996 pda detector with prep flow cel l * waters 2767 sample manager with tray * wat...

                    No price
                    Markham, Canada
                  • HP Agilent 1100 Series G2260A ALS Prep Autosampler

                    • Manufacturer: Agilent

                      type specification pressure operating range 0 – 40 mpa (0 – 400 bar, 0 – 5800psi) glp features early maintenance feedback (emf), electronic records of maintenance and errors communications controller-area network...

                      No price
                      Markham, Canada
                    • CTC Analytics HTC PAL Autosampler

                      • Manufacturer: CTC Analytics

                        includes: 2 position lc injection valve peltier cooled deep well trays wash station keypad control terminal power supply manual ninety (90) day warranty options: extended warranty ctc analytics htc pal autosample...

                        No price
                        Arcade, NY, USA
                      • Varian 325 UV-Visible HPLC Detector for HPLC Varian Prostar 325 UV-Visible HPLC Detector for HPLC

                        • Manufacturer: Varian

                          varian 325 uv-visible hplc detector for hplc varian prostar 325 uv-visible hplc detector for hplc used nice - can be operated as a stand-alone hplc detector or can be integrated into a liquid chromatography syste...

                          No price
                          Manasquan, NJ, USA

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