• Becton Dickinson MediMachine Cell Flow Cytometric Sample Preparation Unit

    $450 - Cridersville, OH
    • Manufacturer: Becton Dickinson

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 this medimachine is in good condition. it works well and has been tested by our technical staff. it operates smoothly and quietly. please see the pictures for more details.

  • KF Metrohm 831 Coulometer Sample & 803 Ti Stand w/ Stirrer & Pump

    $2,221 - Lima, OH

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 this used karl fischer metrohm 831 coulometer and 803 ti stand are in good cosmetic condition and evaluated by new life scientific technicians. the functionality of the instr...

    • Qiagen QIAcube

      $7,400 - Frederick, MD
      • Manufacturer: Qiagen

      speed: 100-2000 rpm | voltage: 110 - 120 | altitude: up to 2000 m | humidity: relative humidity of 10-75% (noncondensing) | amplitude: 2 mm | processing: automated | samples per run; throughput: 1...

    • SELA Ltd TEMpro Sample Pre-preparation Metrology System

      $13,600 - Scottsdale, AZ
      • Manufacturer: SELA Ltd

      sela tempro - automated tem sample preparation system - system is operational and available for inspection sela ltd. provides au ... read more

    • Mettler Toledo Bohdan Universal Sample Preparation

      $4,500 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

      this mettler toledo bohdan universal sample preparation is in excellent condition.  mettler toledo usp200 full integrated universal sample preparation system complete with mettler toledo sag285 ana...

    • Microsonic Systems ST30 DNA Prep System Hendrix SM100 Microsonics Sample Ultrasonic Fluid Processor

      $6,000 - Anaheim, CA
      • Manufacturer: Microsonic Systems

      microsonics st30 dna sample prep system hendrix sm100 ultrasonic flui ... read more

    • Claisse M4 Fluxer Complete

      $25,127 - Baytown, TX Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Claisse

      the m4™ fusion instrument the standard in sample preparation by fusion the m4 fusion instrument is a three-position automatic gas inst ... read more

    • 2004 Coborn SK-KKAS Skive Spindle (1.5kW)

      No price - Sterling, MA
      • Manufacturer: Coborn

      coborn sk-kkas scaife spindle with advanced functionality. height adjustable nose (z position of spindle nose). includes coborn airflow bowl option (for dust collection below spindle). includes cob...

    • Coborn PS1 (PS-1) w/ 4 feet Planetary Scaife Polishing Bench for SCD

      No price - Leominster, MA
      • Manufacturer: Coborn

      coborn planetary skive bench equipped with new/refurbished 24"x36" working surface, 3-phase fixed speed spindle, and an additional planetary motion functionality. engineered to polish and/or finish...

    • Wirtz Buehler Phoenix 4000 Sample Preparation System

      $6,000 - Gilroy, CA
      • Manufacturer: Phoenix

      this wirtz buehler phoenix 4000 sample preparation system, type 49-4101-260, appears to be in fair/good cosmetic condition, although there are a few small dings, scratches, & signs of previous use....