• Grizzly 37 Inch Two Drum Sander - Model: G0450

    • Manufacturer: GRIZZLY1337948217041n/aG0450SD0000313CLEANED/CHECKEDGrizzly

      grizzly - model g0450 37" two drum sander sn 1337948 this used two drum sander, manufactured by grizzly, has a 4 1/2 inch thickness capacity and comes with a spare drum. technical specifications: 15hp 3-phase 230...

      $2,450 (USD)
      Auburn, GA, USA
    • 2016 TEBBE MS-240

      • Manufacturer: Tebbe

        here is the ms-240, big brother of the legendary ms-140, hydraulic suspension, follower axle, and especially, 4 big radial tires of the same dimension! a well-distributed weight, a robust mechanics, and, as alway...

        No price
        Québec, Canada

        • Manufacturer: PROFILEMATIC
        • Elect./Voltage: 440 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.

        patented rotary orbital sanding/buffing system: for sanding & buffing solid surface countertops up to 10' long x 40" wide, with or without sink bowls or cove backsplashes to a matt finish in approx. (3) minutes. ...

        $38,700 (USD)
        United States
      • Sweco Sifter Separator S48R888 R13452

        • Manufacturer: Sweco

          sweco s48, s/s unit has (2) 8"h deck sifters with an 8"h table frame. both top deck and table frame deck have 8" dia. discharge. 2.5 hp motor provides vibrational energy which is used to separate different sized...

          No price
          Carol Stream, IL, USA
        • Advanced Hydraulics Belt Press

          • Manufacturer: Advanced Hydraulics

            foot pedal timers emergency stop additional information: note:  this machinery came from a running facility where they were cutting, slitting, glue, and manufacturer abrasive sand paper in all sizes.  we have the...

            No price
            South El Monte, CA, USA
          • Gemakbak schepbakken laat ons ook eens op scheppen

            • Manufacturer: Gemakbak

              during the recycling fair in gorinchem, we offer special discounts on all models forklift trucks this year, these sizes are available in sizes 1350-1500-1800-2000 mm wide and contain between 1200 and 1800 liters ...

              No price
              Dussen, Netherlands
            • Tennant 6400

              • Manufacturer: Tennant
              • Model: 6400

                sweeper tennant 6400 working width of 127 cm automatic emptying up to 152 cm volume of the waste bin 319 liters its compact shape allows it to maneuver in narrow aisles and congested areas its main brush swe...

                No price
              • 2004 COSTA BL 1350 CROSS BRUSH/DENIBBING (4-HEAD 53") [FD-280279]

                • Manufacturer: Costa

                  costa bl 1350 4-head, 53" width cap., great denibbing sander with (2) cross-brushes and (2) rotary brushes. -- 1st & 2nd heads: cross-brush units with a rotating belt on the vertical axis that is supporting a se...

                  $46,900 (USD)
                  United States
                • 1998 PERFORMAX SUPER-MAX 50 X 2 DRUM SANDER (50" - 90", 2-HEAD) [SW-011529]

                  • Manufacturer: PERFORMAX
                  • Elect./Voltage: 220 V, 60 Cy, 1 Ph.

                  50" width cap., 2-head drum sander with 48" wide sand paper conveyor feed over a reinforced steel bed, mounted in fabricated zinc plated steel, cast aluminum base. -- equipped with: 7.5 hp - 1,740 rpm motor belt...

                  $6,750 (USD)
                  United States
                • Tennant 6400

                  • Manufacturer: Tennant
                  • Model: 6400

                    tennant 6400 electric sweeping machine the tennant 6400 is a compact sweeper with a 127 cm sweeper that is capable of wiping many types of dirt, such as dust, sand, glass shards and light, larger pieces of garba...

                    $12,686 (USD)
                    Urk, Netherlands

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