• 2000 Norfo Automatic block sawing line for fishblocks

    No price - Myre, Norway

      man. year: 2000's condition: good, working line equipped with next machines:  the norfo automatic band saw is developed especially for cutting frozen fillet blocks. the saw is equipped with a smoot...

    • 2000 Norfo Automatic block sawing line for fishblocks or minceblocks 7,5 kg

      No price - Myre, Norway

        norfo automatic block sawing line for fishblocks or minceblocks 7,5 kg man. year: 2000's condition: good the norfo sawing line is meant for cutting up standart 7,5 kg. the blocks  are fed lengthwis...

      • Machines for sawing line, Sawmill

        No price - Hammaslahti, Finland Recently Added
        • Hyd-Mech Blue Line Series (Portable & Single Miter)

          No price - Salt Lake City, UT, USA
          • Manufacturer: Hyd-Mech

          superior, portable sawing technology goes anywhere with the ph101 portable band saw (see hyd-mech cold saws page for the p255 portable cold saw). the ph101 is 115 volts and may be placed on a bench...

        • 1992 Nienstedt sawing lineRelated goods

          No price - Myre, Norway

            man. year: 1992 condition: good, working the line consist of the next equipment:  1) the machine for cutting bars pc 2100 (item 1 in the diagram) 2) rotating cross (item 1. 1 in the diagram) 3) the...

          • cutting line Pedrazzoli model MCL 1

            $58,525 - Veneto, Italy
            • Manufacturer: Pedrazzoli

            cutting line pedrazzoli model mcl 102 complete mdb brushes automatic line pedrazzoli mod. mcl 102 payload length 6500 mm working length 3000 mm discharge maximum cutting diameter 102 mm complete de...

          • 2004 SCHROEDER Line for planing and sawing deck plates

            No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
            • Manufacturer: Schroeder

            line for planing and cutting deck plates, max 100 mm max al 1200 mm, consisting of magazine, before planer lh 3 with 3 shafts, double cross cut saw pakue 4, feeder belts and jigsaw s2 all in top co...

          • Hundegger Line K2

            No price - Finland
            • Manufacturer: Hundegger

            for video please copy and paste into a new browser window: https://youtu.be/qr047iba9ly https://youtu.be/fkqjo6wxlsi https://youtu.be/m9larmtbcum https://youtu.be/qjvhex1kdem the line includ...

          • 13" x 13" DoAll C-3350NC Dual Column Horizontal Band Saw

            No price - Elk River, MN, USA
            • Manufacturer: Doall
            • Motor: 10 HP
            • Weight: 6000 LBS

            equipped with: ge quick panel cnc control ergonomically positioned and operator friendly screen displays current cut time and previous cut time can program specific cut time and if actual cut time ...

          • 2017 Rohbi RKA78 Aluminum / steel-sawing machine

            No price - Baden-Württemberg, Germany
            • Manufacturer: Rohbi

            refurbished: in advance line year of construction: 1993-2000 plc: siemens s7 blade 175-250 mm power 1,5 kw saw blade feed mm/min cutting speed: 20-170 m / min (at option high speed spindle differie...