• Accord Lely Terra 4,00 m

    $10,467 - Pfreimd, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Accord

    lely harrow 4:00 m with zahnpackerwalze. hydr. piggyback. leveling. dolly. accord aufbausämaschine pneumatically. with front tank hydr. fan drive. schleppschare

  • 2007 Amazone KG 3000 Super

    $23,789 - Pfreimd, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Amazone
    • Model: KG 3000 SUPER

    ad-p super. kreiselgrubber zinc quick change. leveling. keilringwalze 580 mm. hydr. spuranreisser vertically. pneumatic aufbausämaschine ad-p super. 24 rotec coulters. exaktstriegel. hydr. coulter...

  • Kverneland NGH 301 idrill pro

    $20,617 - Pfreimd, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland

    harrow with seed drill. zinc quick change. cam clutch. kerner roll. disc coulters. lead marking. ladesteg. preemergence. fahrgassenschaltung. mech. fan. leveling. leveling. pneumatic. saatstriegel....

  • 2016 Amazone ED 6000-2FC

    $73,799 - Pfreimd, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    spuranreisser tyres: 31x15.5 / 15 terra vacuum blower 710 u / min. enviro abluftkit walterscheid pto shaft basic unit contour right basic unit contour left drive unit connection right drive unit sh...

  • Band saw IMET Ribbon XTech 410

    $19,319 - Emilia-Romagna, Italy

      an extremely solid mechanical structure combined with a refined control technology to meet the different needs of processing, from cutting in series to the individual cuts. a special function also ...

    • Amazone ADP Airstar "Profi" mit KG 302

      $18,818 - Reinheim, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Amazone

      amazone drill combination consisting of amazone rotary cultivator "kg 302" with seeder "airstar profi" - hydr. coulter pressure adjustment - 24 schare - board computer amalog - ladesteg - kw wedge...

    • Rabe PKE 300 + Tramline S

      No price - Pfreimd, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Rabe

      rabe harrow type: pke 300 zahnpackerwalze hydraulic lifting frame year 1989 sulky seeder tramline se type: tramline solo year 2008 currycomb 25 scheibenschare lighting electrical fahrgassenschaltu...

    • Pöttinger Aerosem 4000

      No price - Markt Schwaben, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Pöttinger

      visit us on 12.18.2016 at our traditional christmas exhibition. the new deutz-fahr ttv and rc shift and a broad product brand lemken, krone, hardi and stihl.

    • 2015 Lemken Zirkon 8/300 + Saphir 7/300

      No price - Markt Schwaben, Germany
      • Manufacturer: LEMKEN

      zircon 8/300 with leveling bar with zahnpackerwalze saphir 7/300 with hydr. excavation easy-tronic lighting "the dream of every farmer" !!! who simply buy and we do not ask is your own fault !!

    • Rabe PKE 400+PöttingerAerosem 4000

      No price - Markt Schwaben, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Rabe

      rabe harrow heavy version with manual transmission. with nearly new kerner cracker roller tines almost new with armouring. with dolly.