• Omga T522 6000 ST Optimizing Cut-Off Saw - 2011! 8036

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Omga
    • Capacity: 500 Lines
    • Weight: 90 lbs.

    automatic cross-cutting & defecting saw, suitable for cutting single or multiple stacked pieces equipped with a cnc precision programmable pusher & encoder up-stroking 18” cut-off saw for optimizat...

  • Oliver 5045 Semi-Optimizing Cut Off Saw 80200N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Oliver
    • Capacity: 1" x 13" - 2" x 12" - 4" x 10"

    ideal for finger jointing (for defect) materials and mass material preparation provides 3 ~ 5 times higher production rate than manual cut-off saws saves over 5% of wood materials comprehensive saf...

  • Mereen-Johnson 312-DC/SR2 w/TRACKER Rip Optimizing Infeed 86500N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Johnson

    tracker infeed arranged for manual loading of individual boards onto the infeed of the chains. chains to convey individual boards to the board stop, across a measuring sensor array and to an automa...

  • Mereen-Johnson 312-DC/SR2R Navigator Scout Rip Optimizing S 86700N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Johnson

    arranged to receive 17'-6" maximum length boards from scissors lift manually placed on board dealer arms individual boards are automatically dealt onto lateral chains and conveyed to a board stop b...

  • GreCon 1004 Optimizing Cut-off Saw 8039

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Grecon
    • Capacity: 8"

    dual infeed marking station 18' long x 10" wide rollers on 19" centers infeed roll conveyor 20' x14" wide, rolls are 3.5" dia on 16" centers, driven by 1.5hp motor grecon saw with 200" infeed chain...

  • Paul 11MKL Optimizing Cut-Off Saw 8035

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Paul

    defecting & optimizing cut-off saw infeed belts feed the material through a measuring station full length is measured, as well as crayon marks detected pneumatic blade guard/hold-down five powered ...

  • 2007 Salvador SuperCut 500 High speed optimizing saw Supercut 500

    $27,352 Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Salvador

    used machine. si7ofozv new belts, new pc, new servomotor technical characteristics: saw blade diameter: 500 mm out-feed length selector 6/3 unit. programming from machine pc. division of the cu...

  • 2002 Dimter OPTICUT 100-4R 12167

    $39,500 - Williamsport, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Dimter

    used dimter model 100-4r optimizing chop saw. with 4.4 kw saw motor. with 2.5 kw pusher motor. with 14 foot maximum length capacity. with 300 mm maximum width capacity. with maximum feed rate of 90...

  • Cameron Automation The Skew Rip Optimization Infeed 86800N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cameron

    rip optimization designed for the custom shop board capacity (standard) 5' to 12' length, up to 10/4" thickness (16' model available) fixed or moving lasers boards are put on lay up section, the pr...

  • Cameron Automation 37A-M4 Quick Chop System, 3PH 80100N

    No price - Hughesville, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cameron
    • Capacity: 8" Wide, 8/4 Thickness

    push feed chop optimizing saw luminescence crayon marking of defects with accuracy + or -.032 14" saw blade 7-1/2 hp saw motor complete with frame, computer, luminescence sensor, servo motor, cross...