• 2017 Scaffolding

    • Manufacturer: Advance

      2017 scaffolding, includes pins and feet, pickup instructions-$25.00 per day storage fee after 14 days, item is deemed abandoned and resold after 30 days, no weekend pickup

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      Omaha, NE, USA
    • Werner Brick Layers Scaffolding

      • Manufacturer: Advance

        werner brick layers scaffolding, 4 frame sections, 3 19" by 10' planks, covers 30' width

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        Burwell, NE, USA
      • CUPLOK scaffolding

        • Manufacturer: CUPLOK

          cuplok scaffolding cuplok cuplok used machine big parcel cuplok scaffolding, used, galvanized, in good condition. only request with company name, address and tel/fax numbers get answer.

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        • SISMAV scaffolding screwdriver 220

              sismav scaffolding screwdriver 220 year 2000 b) good in good condition, which you can see attached and working, by appointment. the warranty on the machine is its functionality in all its parts, and you can view ...

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              Mogliano Veneto, Italy
            • Scaffolding for rental housing

                  scaffolding for rental housing modular scaffolds, pipes, joints, platforms, hoists. wide range of standard and special modular scaffolds, pipes, joints, hoists always available to meet even the most urgent supply...

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                  Mogliano Veneto, Italy
                • Scaffolding line SACMA

                      lineage sacma 1200 x 2.4 mm number of rollers 19 roller diameter 45mm top rectangular series 5 lower rim counters working speed 60 meters per min weight 7500 kg b) good in good working conditions, which is possib...

                      No price
                      Mogliano Veneto, Italy
                    • Scaffolding : ALTREX 5200 RUSZTOWANIE, Scaffolding, Rolsteiger, Rollgerüst

                      • Manufacturer: ALTREX 5200 RUSZTOWANIE, Scaffolding, Rolsteiger, Rollgerüst

                        strong and professional facade scaffolding aluminium driving altrex year working height 8.20 m. very rich set !!! selling model applies to scaffolding height. 8.2m and a working width of 1.35 m scaffolding, which...

                        Opalenica, Poland
                      • Tiles and scaffolding

                            lot 13 lot made up of a variety of tile pallets of different shapes and colors, and some positioned above a scaffold

                            Faenza, Italy
                          • Scaffolding elements

                                lot 64 (inventory ref.: 477.a) - pre-pont bitching elements bf 105 complete paints of diagonal current, including containers - (sq.m.) sq. - quantity: 434 - lot no. 64 - (inventory code: 477.b) - metal punchs for...

                                Faenza, Italy
                              • Layher scaffolding 240 m

                                • Manufacturer: Layher

                                  approx. 240 m² the contents of our offers were created with the utmost care. however, we can not guarantee the correctness, completeness and actuality of the contents and prices

                                  Amberg, Germany