• Scaffoldings Galvanized steel # 67576

    No price -
    • Manufacturer: Stahl

    scaffolding parts steel galvanized, approx. 10 stands each approx. 80x200h cm, approx. 6 planks each approx. 60x310 cm, small quantity scaffolding accessories lying in the shelf

  • Metal parts # 68893

    No price - Teistungen, Germany Recently Added

      metal parts, approx. 10 scaffolding blocks, approx. 25 sheet metal approx. 50x30 cm, 2 unwinding blocks for drums, approx. 12 cast iron sewer covers with concrete cover

    • APOLLO 250 / 6mm sconceratrice

      No price - Mogliano Veneto, Italy

        apollo sconceratrice tv 250/6 matricola 01225026 250 x 6 mm scaffolding capacity cutting angle 30 ° - 136 ° shots at retail n. 70 machine floor 1100 x 750 mm 5.5 hp engine weight 1150 kg automatic ...

      • 2015 AluMark Fahrgerüst / Rollgerüst

        No price - Rheinberg, Germany
        • Manufacturer: AluMark

        alumark fahrgerüst working height: 8,30 meters incl. shipping in germany the chassis of the bl series is the basic system of alumark with frame of 1.00 m. this system has numerous applications fo...

      • 2016 Rubble Master VS60FB

        $41,620 - Billeberga, Sweden
        • Manufacturer: Rubble master

        rm vs60 caution is a standalone unit, which is used for the shredding and separation of fine materials from asphalt, concrete and shaft masses. the input pocket is reinforced. the screen has a si...

      • 2017 Plettac 10.000m2 Skele, скеле, ліси фасадні, állvá

        $205,936 - Wrocław, Poland
        • Manufacturer: Plettac

        10.450,50 m² new scaffolding with stahlboden 3,00m and steel frame the scaffold is 543.00 m wide and has a working height of 18.50 m the framework consists of the following parts: 1500 pcs steel...

      • 2017 Plettac Typ 2020qm, Rakennustelineet, échafaudage

        $39,395 - Wrocław, Poland
        • Manufacturer: Plettac

        2020 m² new scaffolding with wooden floor 3,00m + 2,50m completely for sale! field 3,00m - 1,200m² - length 96m x working height 12,5m field 2.50m - 820m² - length 65m x working height 12.5m the...

      • 2017 Plettac Typ GRADEVINSKU FASADNU SKELU Plettac Skel

        $18,347 - Karlovac, Poland
        • Manufacturer: Plettac

        1135 m² new scaffolding with wooden body 3,00m and steel frame the scaffold is 132.00 m wide and has a working height of 8.60 m the framework consists of the following parts: 144 pcs steel verti...

      • 2015 Instant Span 300

        No price - Norway
        • Manufacturer: Instant

        instant aluminum stills are manufactured by instant upright ltd. in ireland, is the world's largest manufacturer of rolling, tower and specialty aluminum products. vertical frames with step dista...

      • Platform Basket Spider 15.75 Spin-rupshoogwerker

        No price - Bergeijk, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Platform Basket Spider

        sankoo offers a wide range of tracked spider tracked platforms, including the platform basket spider 15.75. these tracked spider platforms are able to go through a normal door or a narrow gate and ...