• Federal 26-8 Filler / Capper

    No price - Hickory, NC, USA
    • Manufacturer: Federal

    26 valve monoblock all s/s rotary bottle filler/capper w/ 8 station rotary capping head for 38mm screw caps, system is originally designed to run gallons every valve at 120 bottles/minute, control ...

  • Pack West screw capper Fully automatic In line with cap elevator

    $27,500 - Los Angeles, CA, USA Recently Added

      1-pack west screw capper. fully automatic in line with  cap  elevator.  model: auto 200 torquer. serial: t-8-a/c-lr-rm-b1978. mfg: 03/2003. line speeds up to 200 containers per minute.  this capper...

    • US Bottlers PGF-56 Filler / Capper

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: US Bottlers

      56 valve rotary pressure gravity filler, last ran with zalkin 12 head free standing plastic capper, last setup to run .5l, 20oz, 24oz, 1l, 1.89l, 3.78l hot fill bottles hot fill bottles with 38mm a...

    • 2014 Arol Eagle VP Bottle Capper

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Arol

      new 2014, 316l stainless steel package, includes cap hopper, feeder, sorter, chute, pitch diameter of 550mm, single head capper setup for 89mm plastic screw caps on 4l bottle, clockwise rotation, s...

    • US Bottlers PGF 72 Filler / Capper

      No price - Hickory, NC, USA
      • Manufacturer: US Bottlers

      72 valve rotary bottle filler, last setup to run 16oz glass hot fill bottles with metal lug screw caps, speeds up to 750 bottles/minute on 16 ounce glass, pressure gravity filling with return to pa...

    • Resina Single Chuck Capper Chuck Capper Lc #12253

      No price - Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Resina

      resina single chuck capper model lc, serial # 64 3120. features select-a-dial cap sorting hopper with electric eye activation, set up for 38 mm screw closure on "f" style gallon bottle, 220/440/ph ...

    • Cozzoli Monoblock Filler/capper Fsv-105m #15520

      No price - Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Cozzoli

      monoblock filler/capper by cozzoli machine co. (plainfield nj) model/serialfsv-105m. features 24" diameter stainless steel rotary feed table to capuring transport conveyor for up to 1" diameter, si...

    • M&O Perry P-1510 Capper 9596

      No price - Red Bank, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: M&O Perry

      unused m&o perry industries p-1510 vial destopper, filler, stopper and capper. up to 50 cpm. vial heights 32-100mm, stopper caps 12-20mm, screw caps 12, 20, 24mm. both glass and plastic bottles, w...


      No price - Cleveland, OH, USA
      • Manufacturer: Kalish

      one (1) used kalish screw capper, model 929000, 1/6 h.p., 110 volt with controls, serial no. 1093, mfg. 1990, with kalish elevator/feeder, model 870000, with stainless steel feed hopper, 1/2 h.p. 9...

    • Resina Fully Auto 1 Head Capper S-30 #15049

      No price - Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Resina

      fully automatic single head capper by resina, model s-30 serial n/a. features set up for 24 mm push lock screw cap, 4" wide x 9' long table top chain conveyor with rex style 820 delrin chain (some ...