• Schuitemaker SIWA transport wagons

    • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker

      the siwa is a robust solution for silage, wood chips, light manure to transport advantages of siwa -the scraper floor chains are double and flat link chains, that is, highest stress such as wood chips ... is not ...

      No price
      Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
    • 1995 Bergmann ROYAL28 S

      • Manufacturer: Bergmann

        silage wagon with tandem axle, 40km / h, compressed air brake, cutting roller with 41 blades, knife guard, 2 metering rollers, hydr. scraper floor drive, centrall lubrication, wide angle joint shaft, elec. s...

        Sittensen, Germany
      • 2008 Pöttinger Jumbo 7200 L

        • Manufacturer: Pöttinger

          we self-loading silage wagon pottinger jumbo 7200l manufactured in 2008. the wagon is in great working condition, have not been rolled over. we can find the best freight option for machine delivery in whole eu.

          Dobele, Latvia
        • STEYR 803V

          • Manufacturer: Steyr

            ladewagen capability characteristics: loading volume [m³]: 20

            Kirchdorf in Tirol, Austria
          • MENGELE GARANT 330

            • Manufacturer: Mengele
            • Model: GARANT 330

              ladewagen capability characteristics: number of cutters: 17

              Kirchdorf in Tirol, Austria
            • PÖTTINGER LW 20

              • Manufacturer: Pöttinger

                ladewagen/erntewagen accessories: privatverkauf!

                Hofkirchen im Traunkreis, Austria
              • PÖTTINGER BOSS II

                • Manufacturer: Pöttinger
                • Model: BOSS II

                  ladewagen 223832/2 accessories: gelenkwelle, hydr. kratzboden, hydr. dürrfutteraufbau; hydr. knickdeichsel, hydr. heckklappe | capability characteristics: number of cutters: 22

                  Zwettl, Austria
                • 1988 KRONE 6000 TURBO

                  • Manufacturer: Krone

                    erntewagen 2011959/1 accessories: gelenkwelle, hydr. deichsel, dosierwalzen, druckluft; hydr. steuerung, messerschaltung, 19.45-17 | capability characteristics: number of cutters: 35

                    Zwettl, Austria
                  • 1994 CLAAS 300 K PRIVAT

                    • Manufacturer: CLAAS

                      location car / erntewagen hydraulic brake, small pick-up repaired, private sale hr.osanger; with articulated shaft kink drawbar total weight [kg]

                      Purgstall an der Erlauf, Austria
                    • STEYR 422 WITH KNITTED PLATE

                      • Manufacturer: Steyr

                        wagon / erntewagen articulated shaft and articulated shaft single axle kink drawbar

                        Purgstall an der Erlauf, Austria