• Ixia Anue FC124 HS-FC124X Hawaii

    $5,000 - United States

      ixia anue fc124 hs-fc124x hawaii platform fibre channel network emulator up for sale is aixia anue fc124 hawaii platform fibre channel network emulator with the following: software version: v2.62 b...

    • Sonoscan CSAM 3100

      $16,999 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Sonoscan

      sonoscan c-sam scanning acoustic microscope mdl c-sam 3100 condition: used

    • Camelot 3800

      $29,000 - United States
      • Manufacturer: Camelot

      fluid dispensing system for smt applications. system utilizes ball screw and servo motors on all three axes to assure smooth, precise and accurate dispensing with an easy to use enhanced graphic us...

    • GE / Amersham / Pharmacia AKTA A-900

      $5,500 - United States

        ge / amersham / pharmacia akta a-900 autosampler code no. 18-1116-61 without cooling, 96x1.5ml standard vial sample capacity, 160x0.5ml microvial sample capacity, 5-1000µl loop volume, ±0.6mm pierc...

      • Heller 1800 W Heller 1800 W

        $11,950 - United States Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Heller

        smt reflow oven heller 1800 w 240 volts

      • Denton Vacuum Explorer 14

        $49,000 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Denton Vacuum

        three target rf and dc sputtering system. vacuum deposition system designed for thin film applications. all process variables are controlled by system computer via graphical user interface. system ...

      • Royce System A45

        $19,500 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Royce

        automatic die handling pick and place system. for picking die from diced wafers and transferring them to carriers. can pick and place die from wafer up to 8 in. dia. pc controller. 110-240v, 50/60 ...

      • Terra Universal 1694-01

        $8,500 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Terra Universal

        stainless glove box with oven. gasmix dual purge system. nitrowatch 9500-02 monitors relative humidity, reduces nitrogen costs. 12 in. l x 14 in. w x 12 in. h antechamber on left side. 8 in. l x 15...

      • Ultron UH 114-12

        $7,500 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Ultron

        wafer frame film applicator. bubble free film lamination of up to 300mm wafers to their respective frames. ask sales representative about wafer size and configuration. single pass lamination. film ...

      • Cee Brewer Science 200CB

        $10,500 - United States
        • Manufacturer: Cee Brewer Science

        photoresist spin coater and hot plate combination tool. features the accuracy and repeatability needed to eliminate processing variability from photoresist and thin film deposition processes. user ...