• Parker EZ150 Electronic Module, EZ00-150-11 with Murr Elektronik 63001

    No price - Stevensville, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Parker

    parker ez150 electronic module, ez00-150-11 with murr elektronik 63001

  • SHKE6000-7 SHKE6000-7 Thermo Incubator

    No price - Wilmington, DE, USA
    • Manufacturer: Thermo

    thermo incubator (3' x 3' unit) s/n: 300011560 model#: shke6000-7 *this unit is in very good condition *nice, clean unit

  • RC5C RC5C Sorvall Centrifuge & 4 Rotors

    No price - Wilmington, DE, USA
    • Manufacturer: Sorvall

    sorvall rc5c centrifuge & 4 rotors model#: rc5c *unit is in working condition

  • Norlake Refrigerator

    No price - Wilmington, DE, USA

      norlake refrigerator *unit in working condition (condensate dripping inside, may need a drain line plugged)

    • MKS Model MWH-100, MWH-100-09044 10KW Impedance Matching Network, 2.0MHz (2009)

      $1,487 - Stevensville, MI, USA
      • Manufacturer: MKS

      mks model mwh-100, mwh-100-09044 10kw impedance matching network, 2.0mhz (2009) product description this unit came from a working environment. we are unable to test this unit therefor including a 1...

    • ENI MWH-100 Impedance Match Network, MWH-100-09044, 2.0 MHz (2009)

      $1,297 - Stevensville, MI, USA
      • Manufacturer: ENI

      eni mwh-100 impedance match network, mwh-100-09044, 2.0 mhz (2009) product description used unit, believed to be fully functioning, however unable to test this unit. included is a 14 day doa warran...

    • Floor Model Centrifuge - Sorvall RC - 5B / 8300391

      No price - Newark, DE, USA
      • Manufacturer: Sorvall

      floor model centrifuge - sorvall rc-5b/8300391 dimensions: depth 38 ½ x width 30 x height 47 inches 450lbs floor model centrifuge has a 6 place 250 ml rotor (sla-1500) unit is in working condition ...

    • Princeton Applied Research 263A 61739

      $3,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Princeton

      potentiostat galvanostat. fully functional front panel controls. does not come with pc. includes four cd roms, power cv cyclic voltammetry disk, power pulse electronacytical disk, powerstep chronoa...

    • Tektronix TDS 7104 61741

      $1,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Tektronix

      digital phosphor oscilloscope 1 ghz 10 gs/s. up to 20 gs/s real time capture rate. up to 32 megasamples memory depth. 400,000 wfms/sec. maximum waveform capture rate. graphical user interface. four...

    • Stanford Research SR530 61831

      $1,250 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Stanford Research

      analog lock-in amplifier. measures ac signals as small as nanovolts in the presence of much higher noise levels. has low-noise. voltage and current inputs. high dynamic reserve, two stages of time ...