• Semitrailer Refrigerator Schmitz sko

    $14,853 - Assago, Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Schmitz

    brand: schmitz sko first registration: 02 7 2001 semi-trailer type: refrigerator with interior parattia and double system stock refrigeration unit: thermoking sl 200 atp: frc expired internal dimen...

  • Semitrailer refrigerator used chereau

    $34,176 - Parma, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Chereau

    semitrailer refrigerator chereau used, year 2009, rear doors, internal height 2.65m, n ° 3 axles saf disc, 1st liftable, pneuamtiche suspensions, ebs, fridge carrier groups 1300 maxima diesel elect...

  • Semitrailer refrigerator menci

    $13,884 - Veneto, Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Menci

    buy semitrailer menci hooked bars with meat, 2004, carrier group maxima 1300 temperature recorder, tubovie for meat transport, internal height 262, disc brakes, axles bpw, steering and power lift, ...

  • Semitrailer refrigerator thistles

    $6,194 - Bologna, Italy Recently Added

      cardi refrigerator semitrailer for sale 1988 length 13,070 mt width mt. 2,550 height mt, 2.65 still valid atp good state of use and conservation price 5800.00 + vat

    • Semitrailer refrigerator Unitrans

      $13,357 - Basiliano, Italy

        unitrans sale refrigerator semitrailer chassis with thistles, 2000, tested, redone floors, new electrical generator, price 12500 euro.

      • Semitrailer refrigerator towel 1999

        $14,426 - Apulia, Italy

          semitrailer trailor brand, year 11/1999, tires 385 / 65r22,5, 1 'lifting axle and 3' steering, the trailer is set up with the van having rear and side walls and doors with thermal tarps group refri...

        • Semitrailer refrigerator and tail lift

          $5,874 - Lecce, Italy Recently Added

            semitrailer refrigerator 1996 with group thermo king smx atp frc expiration 08/2017 ongoing review of retractable tail lift a validity of 20 steering linkage good condition. i do not answer mail on...

          • Tarpaulin Semitrailer refrigerator MIROFRET TRS

            $16,020 - Adrano, Italy Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Mirofret

            buy refrigerator semitrailer tarpaulin, year "99; 14.140m length, width 2.550m, capacity 26160 kg, slightly worn tires, pallets door again just fitted, no maintenance to be performed. price € 15,00...

          • Semitrailer refrigerator Carrier Vector 1800 multi temp

            $16,554 - Turin, Italy Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Carrier

            refrigerator semitrailer of 2006 carrier vector 1800 atp frc in order to 04/18, more electric diesel engine, axis fise saf with disc brakes, multi temperature, temperature recorder, rubbers to 50% ...

          • Semitrailer Refrigerator Lamberet

            No price - Lombardy, Italy Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Lamberet

            semitrailer 3-axle refrigerator used lamberet brand, year 2005, thermal printers and retractable side loader antaeus. diesel engine fridge / electrical carrier maxima 1300 running hours: 9000 paylo...