• CINCINNATI 3-50 #6174

    No price - Baltimore, MD, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cincinnati

    cincinnati 75 ton mechanical 12' press brake model:  3-50 s/n:  29548 made in the usa specifications: tonnage capacity: 75 tons (near bottom) 50 tons (mid-stroke) overall length of bed & ram: 12' d...

  • Korsch EK-O

    No price - Fall River, MA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Korsch

    single station tablet press manufacturer: korsch model: ek-o serial #: 1.0036.89 product code: 211151 includes: 1 set of 12mm tooling includes: 1 set of 12mm tooling 30 kn compression pressure 20 m...

  • Waterbury Farrel 1510, deep draw transfer press, 3-9/16" Stroke. #1575

    $28,500 - Connecticut, United States
    • Manufacturer: Waterbury
    • Stroke: No

    asset description notes: waterbury farrel 1510, transfer press medium stroke 3.56" max draw 2.060" transfer slide standard blank set standard die holders bijur auto luber roll feed and mechanical c...

  • Dorst Press Toolholder Die Set for Dorst TPA-30

    No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Dorst

    tpa-30 die set for dorst press, toolholder stock number: dpm-1427

  • Riso ComColor 7050 Full Color Inkjet Press

    $8,500 - Michigan, United States
    • Manufacturer: PPM

    this is a very nice riso comcolor 7050 full color inkjet printer. the current total counter is only 980k. comes with the booklet maker/finisher. starter package included: 4-new ink cartridges (cmyk...

  • 1996 Amada RG50 27631

    No price - Melville, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Amada
    • Stroke: 3.94"
    • Capacity: 55 Tons

    amada nc9ex-ii 3-axis cnc control full set of upper tool holders lower die holder full length foot tredal electric foot switch control inspect in our philadelphia pa warehouse

  • 1993 Amada RG100 27450

    No price - Melville, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Amada
    • Model: RG100
    • Stroke: 3.94"

    nc9ex-ii 3-axis cnc controller upacting style lower bending beam two speed hydraulic power unit adjustable stroke flush floor mounted full set of upper punch holders (4) tall bottom die holders ful...

  • 1995 Toyokoki APB-5613W 26895

    No price - Melville, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Toyokoki
    • Stroke: 3.94"
    • Capacity: 56 Tons

    tnc-ac ii 6 axis cnc control with rs232 port 4-axis cnc back gauge x, r, z1, z2 automatic sheet thickness sensor left to right independent & angle correction electric foot switch controls set of up...

  • 1986 Amada RG100L 22401

    No price - Melville, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Amada
    • Stroke: 3.9"
    • Capacity: 110 Ton

    s/n: 10237 nc9-exii 3-axis cnc control 2-axis cnc back gauge upper tool holder clamps set of lower dies holders air foot pedal (2) 39.5" front support arms misc dies

  • 2007 Durma AD-S 30175 26385

    No price - Melville, NY, USA
    • Manufacturer: Durma
    • Stroke: 10"
    • Capacity: 192.5 Tons

    delem da-66w 8-axis cnc control 6-axis back gauge wila american ram clamping wila crowning die quick-set front sheet supports pedestal with foot switch flush floor mounted machine inspect in our ph...