• 1972 BRENTA Sharpening And Machine Maintenance - France

    $3,038 - Briennon, France
    • Manufacturer: BRENTA

    bench hovering brenta brenta + tensioner 1972 blade width 180mm extendable roller: no tools provides (rule, hammer ...): no dimensions: - width: 700 mm - length: 2600 mm - height: 2150 electrical p...

  • 1977 Alligator Sharpening And Machine Maintenance - France

    $2,995 - Briennon, France
    • Manufacturer: Alligator

    bench planer with lots and tools make: alligator tools: rules, hammer, heap carrousel blade tensioning apparatus gooseneck background to the roller axis: 160mm from the roller axis to the clasp: 16...

  • 1992 Essepigi DOUBLE CUTTING MACHINE WITH BORING UNIT composit 320

    $8,996 - Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Essepigi

    double cutting machine with boring unit essepigi composit 320 manufacturer: essepigi type: composit year of construction: 1992 technical condition: very good technical data: - working in the machin...

  • 1990 SCM Saw - spindle moulder model SI16TW

    No price - Sandrigo, Italy
    • Manufacturer: SCM

    saw - spindle moulder scm model si16tw with: -alu carriage 3200mm -tilting blade and scorer -top protection of the blade -spindle moulder with adjustable casing

  • Griggio Circular Saw Romania

    No price - Timișoara, Romania
    • Manufacturer: Griggio

    instead buy pale wood cutting circular incision of 2007 was 4.6 kw hard inpecabila optical and technical exchange with car exhaust cleaner table saws also is sold together - translated with google

  • 2007 Hammer Circular Saw Romania

    $4,022 - Timișoara, Romania
    • Manufacturer: Hammer

    circular cutter hammer b3 winner of 2007 380/220 2050 mass milling spindle 30 immaculate condition more info phone - translated with google

  • 1993 SCM SI3800 Squaring circular saw model

    No price - Sandrigo, Italy
    • Manufacturer: SCM

    squaring circular saw scm model si3800 used - alu carriage 3800mm - tilting blade and scorer - motorized lifting and tilting of blades group - digital reader of tilting angle - manual parallel fenc...

  • 2005 Raimann ProfiRip KP310 Circular Saw Romania

    No price - Sovata, Romania Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Raimann

    the machine is used for slicing a piece of wood with a width time in several pieces with smaller widths. the machine includes: carpet supply, circular saw, carpet transverse exhaust parts data work...

  • Circular Saw Romania

    $7,938 - Bujoreni, Romania

      buy circular canvas furniture in good condition, revision total price of 7500 euros plus vat - translated with google

    • Hüllhorst Circular Saw Romania

      No price - Comănești, Romania
      • Manufacturer: Hüllhorst

      double circular panels - hüllhorst max work: 2000 mm working length min 260 mm diam. max canvas circular: 500 mm tilt canvas: 45-0-45 degrees max working height: 150 mm included accessories: power ...