• 1.3’X 1.66′ TOP & BOTTOM HEAT/PLATEN W/VAC PUMP #9392-01

    No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA

      used hydrotrim laboratory thermoformer, model 1620 with 16″ x 20″ maximum sheet size. serial # 1040, 220 volt ac input, 3 ph, 35 amp. has top and bottom ceramic heat, air actuated top and bottom pl...

    • 4.0’X 8.0′ PVI SINGLE STATION 20″ DRAW 1989 #8782

      No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA

        used 48″ x 96″ pvi single station sheet thermoformer. model 408-dp-a, s/n p408dpa-1401-789. has 30″ stroke top platen, 40″ stroke bottom platen, with hydraulic pumping system. has top and bottom sa...

      • 25″X25″ BROWN C2100 #20861

        No price - Jersey City, NJ, USA
        • Manufacturer: Brown

        used brown model c2100 web fed thermoformer. has 24″ x 24″ forming area, max 6″ deep part, 12″ combined max platen stroke, 26.5″ max sheet width. “c” style oven 104″ in length, pin chain with pins...

      • 1992 ILLIG UA 200 g Vacuum former sheet

        No price - Bavaria, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Illig

        1 universal forming machine illig typ ua 200/g for sheets max. forming area 1950 x 950 mm max. sheet size 2000 x 1000 mm max. mold height 700 mm with double heating year 1992, 91,2 kw/146 amp. - ...

      • 1990 GEISS DU 1500 T4 Vacuum former sheets

        No price - Bavaria, Germany
        • Manufacturer: GEISS

        max. forming area 1460 x 960 mm max. tool height 620 mm top and bottom heater singel regulation plug assist c0em ydievtauyppaejvq pre blow/blow off automatic front door for easy tool changing

      • 7.0’X11.0′ BROWN R224 4-STATION ROTARY 1995 #20873

        No price - United States Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Brown

        used 7′ x 11′ brown model r224 4-station rotary thermoformer. unit can be installed above ground floor and requires no pit. unit is 4-station design with (1) ceramic heated top and bottom oven, l...

      • 6.0’X11.0′ ZMD MDL TWR-9611C 2007 #ZP61792

        No price - United States

          used zmd model twr-9611c single sheet thermoformer with approximately 72″ x 132″ forming area. has 15″ bottom stroke, 33″ of daylight and includes (3) 80 gallon vacuum tanks. requires 60 cfm mini...

        • 2.5’X 5.0′ ZMD MDL HD300 PNEUMATIC R&G 2014 #ZP61909

          No price - United States

            used 60″x30″ zmd model hd300 single sheet thermoformer. has top and bottom platens (28″ stroke top platen, 18″ stroke bottom platen), (8) ceramic heaters, each 12″ x 24″ with (3) zones each. ther...

          • 4.0’X12.0′ ZMD SHUTTLE W/2 FORM STA #ZP61793

            No price - United States

              used zmd shuttle 2-station single sheet thermoformer. has approximately 48″ x 144″ forming area, includes single heat station, (2) forming stations and (2) cooling stations. sheet will shuttle in...

            • 4.0’X 5.0′ ZMD SINGLE STATION #ZP61794

              No price - United States

                used zmd single station, single sheet thermoformer including single heat station, single forming station and (1) cooling station. no longer installed as operated. has approximately 48″ x 60″ form...