• 2011 Pallet racking, heavy duty shelving, Galvanized

    $4,209 - Bavaria, Germany Recently Added

      heavy duty shelving feuerverzinkt 200 pallet places (depending on the structure) stand height 3000mm upright depth 1100mm profile u80 number of columns is 20 heavy duty trusses from ipe 100 special...

    • 2011 OHRA Pallet racking, heavy duty shelving

      $7,447 - Bavaria, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: OHRA

      manufacturеr ohra min. 400 pallet places (depending on the structure) 3150mm stand height stand 1100mm depth profile u80 stand number 41 piece heavy duty trusses from ipe shelf load 100 3385kg comp...


      No price - Lombardy, Italy

        metalsistem shelving door pallets h 2500 depth 1000 width between the sides (payload) 2700 2 shelves with support platforms h through 140 x 2700 8 bays available

      • Heavy load shelving pallet racking STOW

        No price - Germany Recently Added

          heavy load shelving pallet racking stow used machine pallet rack make stow bj. 2004, dismantled, 3,550 pallet places, very good condition, heavy load shelving, 5 shelf levels + ground, compartment ...

        • SHELVING

          No price - Lazio, Italy

            for over 30 years we are on the market of industrial racks (pallets, picking, compactable, soppalchi) to meet your needs technical and commercial of our clients. contact us to evaluate all together...

          • Bruynzeel // 115x Staender: 5200x1000 mm // 680x Tra​versen: 2700 mm Heavy load shelving pallet racking shelving

            $21,496 Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Bruynzeel // 115x Staender:

            your contact person in our home mr: andré evening mr: marcel brahms mr: simon blank free shipping on request technical data to the pallet shelf system: shelf system: bruynzeel included in the ...

          • SHELVING USED

            No price - Lombardy, Italy

              sell big lot shelving different sizes and scope, on packed pallets

            • SHELVING USED

              No price - Lazio, Italy

                door shelves for sale used pallet. our consultants are at your disposal for any need a business and technology.

              • 2014 System Schaefer R3000 Approximately 30lfm Shelving

                $2,148 - Upper Austria, Austria Recently Added
                • Manufacturer: System Schaefer

                approx. 30lfm shelving rack system shepherd r3000 manufacturer: saeed r3000 2014, mint condition, see pictures. risers, galvanised, height 2.5 m, depth 60 cm shelves, galvanized, capacity 200 kg /...

              • Heavy load shelving pallet rack bumper models

                No price - Wilhelmshaven, Germany

                  heavy load shelving pallet rack bumper models used machine sicherheitstip used bumper - corners for your pallet rack. efficiently protect the frame of your pallet rack or heavy load shelf! -effecti...