• Ramsey STE5000

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      ramsey ste5000 details ramsey ste5000ramsey ste5000 wireless device testing perfect for 802.11a, b, g bluetooth, rfid, 3g testing wide variety of i/o options super isolation up to 18ghz ...

    • Tescom TC-5915A

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        tescom tc-5915a details tescom tc-5915atc-5915a shield box provides rf isolation and signal connections necessary for mobile testing. with the rf coupling accessory and filtered control ports ...

      • Tescom TC-5920A

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          tescom tc-5920a details tescom tc-5920a the tc5920a shield box provides an efficient rf isolated test environment for testing mobile, wlan and other small rf devices. in addition of providing ...

        • Tescom TC-5951A

          No price - Lake Mary, FL

            tescom tc-5951a details tescom tc-5951apneumatic shield box shielding effectiveness : >80db from dc to 2.5ghz rf connectors : 2 n(f)outside and sma(f) inside data connectors : db9(p) out...

          • Tescom TC-5901C

            No price - Lake Mary, FL

              tescom tc-5901c details tescom tc-5901c pneumatic shield boxtescom tc-5901c pneumatic shield box is about 50% larger in test area and height than our popular tc-595x series shield boxes provid...

            • DAF LF 210 FA 12 VER Closed box

              No price - Bornem, Belgium
              • Manufacturer: DAF

              demo vehicle standard specification: photo for illustration - cab color: brilliant white 3279 - engine 157 kw (213 hp) px 5 euro 6/760 nm at 1300 to 2000 r / min - front: 4.50 t, parabolic spri...

            • DAF CF 310 FAN DC, A Closed box

              No price - Bornem, Belgium
              • Manufacturer: DAF

              demo vehicle standard specification: - cab color: h3279 brilliant white - rear axle ratio 4.63 - engine 231 kw (314 hp) px 7 - euro 6-1100 nm at 1200-2000 r / min - wheelbase 5.30 m / rear ove...

            • 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 219 CDI KA Heating + Automatic + AHK

              $17,887 - Traunstein, Germany
              • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
              • Mileage: 90,500 km

              1. hand, accident-free, checked, top condition, non-smoker this vehicle can be found in our location in traunsteintel. 0861-90985-0 other features axis translation i = 3, 923 electronic stability p...

            • 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 319 CDI KA / E ** Climate, extralang, 4.7mLad

              $34,467 - Neckarsulm, Germany
              • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
              • Mileage: 174 km

              no accident, checkbook, top condition, non-smoking >>> please ask for the present location of the vehicle before a visit.

            • Nalgene Acrylic Beta Radiotion Shield 24898

              No price - Burladingen, Germany
              • Manufacturer: Nalgene

              nalgene acrylic glass waste container. for shielding of beta rays from radioactive isotopes such as 32p, 35s, 3h and 14c. volume of 124 l. dimensions 82x45x45 cm. with flap in the lid. box easily d...