• Complete furnishings for Bicycle shop or other retail business (Only VAT on buyers premium Auction 464 #0231)

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    • Wanzl Shopping Cart

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        this quality-cart has, for., via a floor grate for to be deposited under the basket goods such as drinks crates special wheels for moving walkways plastic deflector to protect shop furnishings, and...

      • chopping block

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          chopping blocks for the butcher area we have in different versions. the base is either made of polyethylene, stainless steel or solid wood (usually oak). the surface must be sanded regularly or cle...

        • cupboard

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            stainless steel , folded scotch-brite polish 40 mm with sliding doors between floor height adjustable and adjustable adjustable to 50 mm dimensions dimensions width: 200 cm depth: 70 cm height: 8...

          • worktable

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              characteristics legs made of square tube 40 x 40 mm water repellent and silenced under plate reinforcement material: stainless steel surface: scotch-brite polish dimensions size in mm): width: ...

            • Examples Cupboards

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                new goods we order in all sizes polished stainless steel with sliding doors adjustable extra floor width: 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm height: 85 - 90 cm depth: 60 cm

              • Edelstahlspültisch

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                  sinks and sinks we have in different versions. this model has two sinks, an inclined dish rack for draining the liquid and a one-hand-basin mixer. material: stainless steel dimensions (total) wi...

                • Pegboard

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                    hängeregal (2 trays) width: 100 cm height: 39 cm depth: 25 cm

                  • Hängeschrank

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                      wall unit (closed, sliding doors, extra floor) width: 100 cm and 120 cm height: 60 cm depth: 40 cm

                    • Combination table

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                        this stainless steel tables are scaled to the cutting base merges seamlessly into the table, there is no annoying edges. the rearward edge and portions of the sides are provided with sheets to prev...