• Shot blasting cabinet, DISA BMD VP18

        type: vp18g-st 8t338, serial number: ka 603689 weight: /- 12000 kg outside dimensions: l.3200 mm, w. 2500 mm, h. 5000 mm inside: l. 1900 mm, w. 1750 mm door: 1600 mm x 2200 mm motor unelec, 220/380 v with 3 turbi...

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        Amel, Belgium
      • KZTS 100/200 Shot blasting bar automatic line

        • Manufacturer: KZTS

          - max 200 line's dimensions: max: 12000 | width, mm: 4200 | height, mm: 4900 | length, mm: 29070 | diameter, mm: - min 100 | weight of work pieces, kg: 3000

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          Veneto, Italy
        • Wire belt shot blasting machine SISSON LEHMANN POETA

              type: poeta 8-4z1 external dimensions: 8050 mm x 3060 mm, h. 4210 mm inside dimensions: width 800 mm, height 400 mm 4 turbines75 kw (2 turbines on each side) capacity per running meter: 120 kg

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              Amel, Belgium
            • Gutmann roundtable220 Turntable shot blasting machine

              • Manufacturer: Gutmann

                turntable shot blasting machine gutmann roundtable220 used machine exploded round plate blasting machine completely or in parts for sale with cast blast wheels

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                Salach, Germany
              • Sabbiatrice/Granigliatrice - shot blasting Turbotecnica a rulli 1500x1000

                • Manufacturer: Turbotecnica

                  turbo roller sandblasting machine 1500x1000

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                  Bergamo, Italy
                • Sand Blasting Machine

                      applied are ireland's sole manufacturer of ce approved abrasive blasting machines. we specialise in the design and manufacturing of abrasive blasters, blast pot consumables, blasting media, abrasive blasting safe...

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                      Offaly, Ireland
                    • 2013 Klefler KMS20MES01 Mobile blasting cabinet

                      • Manufacturer: Klefler

                        machine reference number: ksh0800004 equipment: dust collector klp060, klpmes02 blasting system skl400, sklemes02 , 400l flat conveyor, control, cabin: strongly used, leaks in the area of ​​the cover and light...

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                        Rotterdam, Netherlands
                      • Doni Feeney P & D Blasting Ltd.

                            blast away the years, restore your machinery. we blast, prime and paint any machinery in your chosen colour sandblasting, shot blasting, wet blasting plus glass blasting

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                            Sligo, Ireland
                          • 1989 Sand blasting unit ± 280 l, brand ARIA

                                type: pn179/89, serial number: 586 construction year: 1989 weight: 200 kg external dimensions: 1000 mm x 800 mm, h. 1950 mm useful dimensions: ø 790 mm, h. 550 mm with funnel and cover with pneumatic control box ...

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                                Amel, Belgium
                              • Sisson Leyman Blasting kettle Shot- & gritblasting

                                • Manufacturer: Sisson Leyman

                                  kind off: blasting kettle

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                                  Deinze, Belgium