• Refurbished ENI 1140L

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      eni 1140l details eni 1140leni rf power amplifier 1140l the 1140l is an all solid state power amplifier operating over the range of 9 khz to 250 khz with a flat gain of 50 db. its 50 ohm input...

    • ENI (Electronic Navigation Industries) A-500 300kHz - 35MHz, 500W, RF Amplifier

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: ENI (Electronic Navigation Industries)

      the eni a-500, rf power amplifier, is a highly, class a power amplifier. the eni a-500, rf power amplifier, is designed for rfi/ emi, hf transmitter, plasma nmr systemapplications as well as genera...

    • Wavetek 188 Function Generator

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Wavetek

      the wavetek 188 function generator cover a wide 0.004hz to 4mhz frequency span in seven overlapping ranges. the unit also has a 10,000:1 logarithmic frequency range. the unit puts out sine, triangl...

    • Anritsu 68369B Signal Generator

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Anritsu
      • Model: 68369B

      features: anritsu/wiltron 68369b. the anritsu / wiltron 68369b synthesized signal generator is a microprocessor-based, synthesized signal sources with high resolution phase-lock capability. it gene...

    • Agilent/ HP 33120A Function Generators

      $950 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      the 33120a function/arbitrary waveform generator uses direct digital-synthesis techniques to create a stable, accurate output signal for clean, low-distortion sine waves. it also gives you fast ris...

    • Stanford Research DS340 Function Generators

      No price - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Stanford Research

      the ds340 is a 15 mhz function and arbitrary waveform generator based on direct digital synthesis (dds). a combination of features, performance and low cost make the ds340 ideal for a variety of te...

    • Tektronix FG502 Function Generator Plug-In

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Tektronix

      low distortion sine square, triangle, positive and negative pulse and ramp waveforms frequency range from 0.1 hz to 11 mhz a voltage controlled frequency (vcf) controls the output frequency from an...

    • Kenwood AG-203D Audio Signal Generator with Sync Oscillator Function

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Kenwood

      the kenwood ag-203d is a low-frequency signal generator featuring sine wave output with low distortion and square wave output with good rise time characteristics. it covers the frequency range of 1...

    • Wavetek 145 Pulse/Function Generator

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Wavetek

      the wavetek 145 pulse/function generator is a precision source of sine, square and triangle waveforms, and positive and negative pulses. the frequency range is variable from 0.0001hz to 20mhz, and ...

    • Anritsu MG3642A Synthesized Signal Generator

      No price - Elgin, IL Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Anritsu

      anritsu mg3642a features: 125 khz to 2080 mhz 0.01 hz, 0.01 db setting resolution high signal purity (–100 dbc spurious) versatile modulation functions high-stable carrier frequency high output gpi...