• Gruse Siloverteiler

    • Manufacturer: Gruse

      ready for use grade: other

      $979 (USD)
      Halle, Germany
    • Sonstige Hagedorn Siloverteiler

      • Manufacturer: Hagedorn

        hagedorn silo distributor with articulated shaft condition_info: second hand

        $1,093 (USD)
        Salching, Germany
      • 2016 Reck Magna 217 Siloverteiler

        • Manufacturer: Reck

          grade 1 lacquered silo distributor distributing and compression device pto drive reckmagna silo separator 2,17 m, hydraulically swivelable li / re, reversible gearbox for front / rear mounting, protective bracket...

          $10,251 (USD)
          Rankweil, Austria
        • BvL - van Lengerich Siloverteiler

          • Manufacturer: BVL

            silo distributor in three-point mounting 2m working width propeller shaft

            $691 (USD)
            Rhede, Germany
          • $931 (USD)
          • 2007 Strautmann Siloblitz 260 SA Siloverteiler Bj

            • Manufacturer: Strautmann

              very good condition, little run, siloverteilwagen with cutting blade, hand control block, output left, ready for use, from service, price is at pick-up and cash payment

              $4,756 (USD)
              Hüttwilen, Switzerland
            • 2016 Sonstige Reck Siloverteiler Plantar

              • Manufacturer: Reck

                description silverteiler reck plantar translate description show original

                No price
              • Siloverteiler

                    working width (meter): 1.7

                    $1,336 (USD)
                    Karlsruhe, Germany
                  • 2011 Siloverteiler Compactor 2,9m

                    • Manufacturer: Siloverteiler

                      silo separator compactor for rear mounting, 2.9 m wide, 128 cm ø - hydr. can be swiveled over 2 dw cylinders - 1 dw control unit required - 540 rpm pto speed - power requirement approx. 70 hp - joint shaft must b...

                      $5,704 (USD)
                    • 2017 Sonstige Stockmann Siloverteiler Herkules 230

                      • Manufacturer: Stockmann

                        description front/heck, gelenkwelle, hydraulisch schwenkbar, translate description show original

                        $8,275 (USD)

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