• Accessories Selter Fine Pole Magnetic Compound Sine Table

    $934 - Burgess Hill, United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Selter


  • Ling Vibration System V556, Electrodynamic Test

    No price - Warren, MI
    • Manufacturer: Ling

    211 lbf sine force rating , 143 lbf random force rating, 59.1"/sec rated velocity, 100g max acceleration, 4.33" diameter, slip table (1) used ling vibration system, model v556, electrodynamic vibra...

  • Unholtz-Dickie Vibration System TC208

    No price - Warren, MI
    • Manufacturer: Unholtz-Dickie

    model tc208, unholtz dickie ma115-tc power amplifier , force rating sine: 4,000 lbs, force rating random: 3,300 lbs, stroke: 1" peak to peak, unholtz-dickie tc-208 shaker head, (1) used unholtz-dic...


    No price - Detroit, MI
    • Manufacturer: Haas

    stock number: 3517 equipped with: haas ha5c cnc indexer with sine plate usb port wire for single or three phase operation

  • Unholtz-Dickie Vibration System S452

    No price - Warren, MI
    • Manufacturer: Unholtz-Dickie

    model s452 shaker, unholtz dickie sa30 power amplifier, unholtz dickie field supply e, force rating sine: 6,000 lbs, force rating random: 6,000 lbs, stroke: 2", thermotron f-32-chv-705-705 chamber,...

  • Lansmont Model 65/81 Shock Testing System

    No price - Detroit, MI
    • Manufacturer: Lansmont

    shock tester, model 65/81, max specimen weight: 500 lbs, table size: 31.9"d x 25.6"w, max acceleration: 600g, pulse duration min: 2 msec max: 80 msec, (1) used, lansmont model 65/81, shock machine ...

  • Avex (Avco) Model #2 SM-105 Shock Test Machine

    No price - Warren, MI
    • Manufacturer: Avex (Avco)

    max specimen weight: 0-30 lbs, table size: 9.25" x 9.25", max acceleration: 300 in/s, cycling rate: 4 cycles/min, (1) used avex (avco), model #2, shock test machine, type sm-105. performance: carri...


    No price - Duarte, CA

      stock id: #7187 specifications: fosdick model 4ft "sensitive" radial arm drill, 24" x 48" t-slotted sine acting table, 30" x 53" t-slotted base work surface, 12" diameter column, 48" arm length, 39...

    • Ling (LDS) 430, Electrodynamic Vibration Test System

      No price - Warren, MI
      • Manufacturer: Ling

      ling electronic shaker, model 430, 9000 lbf rating, 5 – 3000hz, sine or random, 70"/sec rated velocity. operates in the horizontal testing mode only. ling solid state amplifier, model 9024 sspa. ...

    • BK Precision 4070A 21.5 MHz Synthesized Arbitrary Waveform Generator

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: BK Precision

      the bk precision 4070a 21.5 mhz synthesized arbitrary waveform generator combines the latest dsp and dss technologies and offers a number of operating modes, making it one of the finest single sour...