• 2012 Miscellaneous Heistracher VA Filling auger for single grain sow

    • Manufacturer: Sonstige

      hydraulic filling screw for single grain sewing machine as new in stainless steel

      Obing, Germany
    • Väderstad Tempo TPT 6 Single grain seed drill 6, 2016

      • Manufacturer: Väderstad

        professional single grain seed drill, 6 - row, range 50cm - 75cm, telescopic frame, track stripper, klutenräumer, einzelreihenabschaltung, hydr. power drive, precision unit, single row monitoring, iso bus, e-cont...

        No price
        Hüttwilen, Switzerland
      • 2016 Monosem NG Plus Monoshox 8-reihig

        • Manufacturer: Monosem

          lighting 8-rowed direct sowing equipment electrical monitoring rubber press wheels hydraulically foldable corn wheels row fertilizer spreader superficial track cracker demonstrator - promptly available hyd. folda...

          No price
          Senftenbach, Austria
        • Monosem NG Plus 6-Reihig

          • Manufacturer: Monosem

            lighting 6-rowed electrical monitoring rubber press wheels corn wheels row fertilizer spreader superficial track cracker disc coulters with depth guide rollers, fertilizer spreader with trailing coulters, saw mon...

            Senftenbach, Austria
          • 1999 Hassia Unisem Mais

            • Manufacturer: Hassia

              4-rowed rubber press wheels corn wheels sehr schöner zustand der sämaschine, vacuummeter montiert, infos unter 0660/4893319 hr. maisser standort wullersdorf

              Wullersdorf, Austria
            • Becker Aeromat 4reihen Mais

              • Manufacturer: Becker

                4-rowed rubber press wheels corn schöne becker aeromat 4 reihig, mit microgranulatstreuer, farmflex andruckrollen, neue säschare

                Wullersdorf, Austria
              • Gaspardo MT 4-row

                • Manufacturer: Gaspardo

                  4-rowed private sales - customer order - 0664/3044106 - very good condition, inspection only possible by telephone pre-registration. many other used machines and tractors can be found at

                  Jagernigg, Austria
                • 2015 Kverneland Optima PH 12 Normalsaat

                  • Manufacturer: Kverneland

                    kverneland precision seeder, optima normalsaat edrive, electric drive, isobus system shelf monitoring as standard, 12 row, currently 50cm row spacing. possible cultures with this machine: 12 rows of sunflowers, 8...

                    No price
                    Wiener Neustadt, Austria
                  • 2017 Minos Agri Maissägerät Einzelkorn T-PNM 4-GS

                    • Manufacturer: VAT

                      description new single-grain sowing machine t-pnm 4-gs with fertilizer tank and double-disc sowing coulter (suppression system) series spacing (min.-max) 45cm - 90cm transport width: 3.0m (at 75cm clearance for ...

                    • 2008 Becker AEROMAT T 6 DTE PROFI-LINE, 6-reiher, Mulchsaat

                      • Manufacturer: Becker

                        description becker aeromat t 6 dte profi-line, year 2008, first use 2009, approx. 900 ha., 6-row telescope, mulch sowing, complete disc coulters, sowing unit of the new version m20, fertilizer filling auger, hyd...