• Kverneland Accord Optima Single grain seed drill 6 rows

    $9,447 - Aargau, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland
    • Model: ACCORD OPTIMA

    with underfoot fertilizer, disc harrowing machine, hydraulic telescopic, electronic fuel gauge, hydraulic track anisers, optical and mechanical in a very good condition

  • 2012 Kuhn Planter 3 Tl Single grain seed drill

    $16,905 - Keller Technik AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kuhn

    3-point single grain seed drill, adjustable from 50cm - 75cm, with microgranulate and worm-spreader, beetroots for sugar beet, rapeseed and maize, klutenräumer, v-pinch rollers, warning signs and l...

  • 2012 Kuhn Planter 3 Tl Single grain seed drill

    $20,641 - Keller Technik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kuhn

    3-point single seed drill from 45cm - 80cm adjustable, with microgranulate and worm screw spreader, sowing discs for sugar beet, rape and corn, klutenräumer, v-pinch rollers, warning plates and lig...

  • Sfoggia Calibra Single grain seeder

    $7,955 - Jampen Landmaschinen AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Sfoggia

    double row 4x75 vat: netto exkl. en | subcategory 2: müntschemieri offer | agricultural technique | subcategory 3: sowing technique | subcategory 4: single grain sowing machine | type of advert: i ...

  • Kleine Unicorn 3 Single grain seeder

    $5,966 - Kleiner Landmaschinen AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kleine
    • Model: UNICORN 3

    12 a series of mechanical single grain sewing machines for rear mounting, monitoring on the cellular wheel and in the satellite container, müller computer is about 4 years old

  • 2005 Monosem Type MO Single grain maize

    No price - Agrar Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Monosem

    operating hours 1000 ha / fertilizer spreader 2x300 lt. with feeders / hydr. vacuum blower drive / blower return in fertilizer coulter / mocrogranulat spreader / fertilizer feeder stainless / conta...

  • Väderstad Tempo TPT 6 Single grain seed drill 6, 2016

    No price - Keller Technik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Väderstad

    professional single grain seed drill, 6 - row, range 50cm - 75cm, telescopic frame, track eraser, clever clearing, single row disconnection, hydr. single-row control unit, iso bus, e-control contro...

  • 2013 Gaspardo Maschio Manta 12Xl

    $60,148 - Ahaus, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Gaspardo

    12-row, drift reducing valve, double disc coulter, distribution group 2 x 6, müller basic terminal, 12 x shutdown additionally for element, front tank, pressure rollers, or section control

  • 2003 Kleine Multicorn e-drive 12 rows

    $15,413 - Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kleine

    universal seeder 12-row for beet, corn, sunflower, beans, soybeans electric drive, "müller" jobrechner. tram circuit machine with mulch sowing. absolute top condition. hardened shares new

  • 1997 Becker HKP8

    $7,534 - Merklingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Becker

    three-point; row spacing: 75 cm; foldable frame; 35l vollumen seed hopper; universal crowd; seed discs: corn; seed monitor in good condition! , number (8 rows). spurlockerer