• Slide Warmer – Large

    No price - Mars, PA

      large slide warmer – new 25″ x 8″ (63cm x 20cm) surface holds about 66 slides. surface is anodized black to provide contrast. thermal heater ensures even heat transfer. thermostat setting range fro...

    • Boekel 240000

      $999 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Boekel

      the boekel slide moat is a versatile microscope slide incubator that is equally at home in a clinical or basic research laboratory. the slide moat has been specifically designed for the rigors of i...

    • 2014 Krone Fortima V 1500 MC

      $38,479 - Leipzig, Germany Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Krone
      • Width: 6.69 feet

      internal number 25894 in standard equipment with bar chain elevator with large reversing wheels and automatic tensioning device, towing eye 40 for top suspension, uncontrolled pick-up easyflow, w...