• 18″ Stanford Model 142 Rewinder #9786

    No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA

      used 18″ stanford model 142 rewinder with durant 188 footage counter and fife guide. two shear cut knives. serial #309.

    • 40″ Goebel Rapid D1 Slitter Rewinder #ZW60823

      No price - Nebraska, United States
      • Manufacturer: Rapid

      used 40″ (1.02m) wide goebel rapid d1 slitter rewinder. single center driven rewind shaft. maximum roll width is 40″ 1000mm). maximum rewind diameter is 40″ (1000mm) on a 3″ air shaft. minimum ...

    • 24″ Wide Stanford Model 142 Doctor Machine Unwind and Rewind #20133-14

      No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA

        used 24″ wide stanford model 142 doctor machine. has single unwind and rewind for 18″ diameter rolls. has position for razor-in-groove slitting, but no blade holders included. rated at 1000 feet...

      • 14″ PS Machinery Duplex Slitter/Rewinder #9728-1

        No price - Hainesport, NJ, USA

          used 14″ wide ps machinery duplex slitter/rewinder, serial # 101000. includes 20″ od single position unwind with air actuated disc brake. unwind stand includes nip roll assembly, roll mounted load...